Poor diet killed 11million people in 2017!

The Lancet, a British scientific journal, yesterday revealed the frightening results of a study by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME, Seattle) via the Global Burden of Disease (GBD, global burden of disease).

130 researchers carried out their analysis on more than 195 countries.

If the relationship between diet and chronic diseases is scientifically proven and accepted today, this study demonstrates the direct link between poor diet and death: 1 in 5 deaths in 2017.

The finding is alarming.

Let’s eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and oilseed fruits:

It is the lack of food balance (see article on this topic) which is in focus.

We can never repeat it enough we must eat fruits and vegetables ALL days. The study sets a minimum critical threshold of 360 g of fruit and vegetables per day. Remember that the campaigns of the 2 “National Health Plans” (PNS) advocate 5 fruits and vegetables per day, considering portions of 80 to 100 g. per day are 400g to 500g. minimum.

They are indeed our only substantial sources of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, but they also contain fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium.

It is also life-saving to integrate whole grains and oilseeds, which are very rich in fibre, calcium and magnesium.

Salt and sugar, those assassins!

Excess salt is pointed out.

Remember that it causes water retention, increases blood pressure and leads to heart and kidney failure. It should also be noted that it whets the appetite, which makes it a major player in the obesity epidemic.

Psssssst :  Why do kidney stones cause such terrible pain when they come out?

The limit proposed by the study is 3g. per day of sodium. Note that the PNNS (National Health Nutrition Plan) in France recommended 3.2g. This corresponds to 8g. maximum salt per day which is already high (you have to roughly multiply the sodium by 2.4 to get the salt content)

The sugar at the source of obesity and many diseases such as type 2 diabetes is also widely incriminated by the study.

Some tips and tricks:

Eat varied : a bit of everything, in a reasonable amount by putting at each meal fruits and vegetables in the spotlight.

Prefer home-made : when it comes to food, ease is often harmful. Industrial dishes are full of bad fats and SALT, which makes you hungry and harmful.

Make a weekly shopping list taking into account the menus of the week in order to provide vegetables for each meal.

Listen to yourself and respect your body: when you are no longer hungry do not finish your plate and favor vegetables at the beginning of the meal in order to be sure to eat them.

NEVER add salt and avoid sugar in all its forms (ice cream, sweet desserts) : most of our foods contain sodium in their natural state (vegetables, meats, cereals, etc.), as for sugar, make it a pleasure food and reserve it for occasions (meals with friends, parties).





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