Positive thinking, practical and simple daily help

Thanks to simple techniques such as visualization, autosuggestion or breathing, positive thinking can help you better manage your apprehensions and your stress. Here are concrete exercises to easily learn about inner well-being. It’s your turn.

We all have negative and positive thoughts. Some make us suffer, others relieve us. Healing from stress or anxiety about an event is often simply about allowing some of our perspectives – the most positive ones – to be stronger than those that are suffocating us. The mind can thus help us to overcome many trials, for example by simply trying each day to have more positive emotions than negative emotions. It seems to be mostly a question of training…

Mental perceptions and visualization

Our reactions to a situation depend a lot on how we perceive things. When we visualize danger, this representation can trigger the same physiological effects as reality would. It should be known that our cognitive system does not make the difference between a real danger and a fictitious danger. When, for example, one is very afraid of having a plane crash, the bodily manifestations of fear are practically the same as if an accident really happened. On the other hand, thinking about a pleasant situation allows the body to relax.

Positive breathing, access to the emotional brain

We have two brains: the right brain also called emotional brain which transmits indications to the left brain, that of the realization. Since the left brain is hostile to change, it is essential to address the right brain to transform its way of thinking. And the best access to the right brain is the body. Thus, if you combine positive thinking with breathing, you can gradually achieve both physical and mental well-being. A sentence works very well in case of anxiety, just say it mentally and practice at the same time: I breathe out the negative, I breathe in the positive. Then you can adapt the content with phrases like: I breathe out stress and anxiety, I breathe in calm and serenity”. To be practiced for 20 breaths, 3 times a day.

The RAS method, get rid of stress in 1 minute

The adaptive stress response, called RAS, is a method that acts positively on thoughts, body and behavior. It includes 6 steps to follow in the order indicated: phase 1 become aware of your stress, phase 2 become aware of your breathing and slow it down, phase 3 observe your bodily sensations, phase 4 induce a feeling of warmth throughout the body, phase 5 experiencing a positive emotion, phase 6 enjoying the benefits and creating a positive assertion. If it is difficult for you to practice the 6 phases, nothing prevents you from concentrating on one of the steps. The main thing is to learn how to set up antidotes against negative emotions and thoughts. Of course positive thinking applications will only work if you practice the exercises regularly and several times a day. But the well-being in the end is well worth a little effort.

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