If photos of incredible postures flock to social networks and websites, we must not forget that yoga is both dynamic and static. In reality, several series of movements lead to the final position, that of the photos, namely the static position.

Before giving you a non-exhaustive list of postures that you can integrate into your session, let us remind you some basic rules :

  • Each posture must be explained by a teacher to ensure that you are doing the right movement, thus avoiding any injuries that hinder your practice.
  • Coordination between movements, posture and breath is essential to enjoy the benefits of yoga. You will therefore be recommended to put all your attention, or almost, on your breathing, because it is a key factor.
  • Concentrate also on the part of the body that you are mobilizing.
  • By concentrating in this way, the parasitic thoughts will take up less and less space in your mind. However, remember that only regular practice will allow you to achieve great results.
  • Practice in the morning or evening depending on how you feel. Some prefer to practice in the morning, on an empty stomach, while others prefer in the evening because their muscles are less rusty than in the morning.
  • In a ventilated room. And yes, paying attention to breathing is a good thing, but you still have to encourage the entry of air into the room!
  • loose clothing. We thought it was important to remember that. You will need to be comfortable, so do not hesitate to also bring a carpet to avoid being on the floor.
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Now that you have all the information in hand to start this discipline, let’s get started. We remind you that it is best to learn these movements from professionals before embarking on sessions at home.

yoga poses

Claw pose

The Cobra Stance

the lotus

The grasshopper pose

The warrior

The triangle

other poses

  • The big side stretch
  • The twist
  • The tree
  • The boat
  • The wise Marichy
  • Fish
  • The half bridge and the bridge
  • The candle
  • The corpse
  • Yoga mudra
  • The wide angle
  • The head
  • Firmness
  • The plough
  • The chair
  • The mountain
  • The stork
  • the child
  • The Sphinx
  • Standing Leg Raise
  • Lateral angle
  • The list of postures is still long, which makes yoga particularly recreational. However, some postures are more difficult than others to master and you will therefore be advised to progress by level of difficulty.

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