Pr Allaert: “we can stop osteoporosis in three months”

Here is a French study that should be talked about. The CEN laboratory in Dijon, under the direction of Pr François-André Allaert, studied the effects of a chitosan extract on osteoporosis. The results show the capacity of this natural extract to stop the loss of calcium and to stop the process of osteoporosis in three months.


#Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by a decrease in bone strength leading to an increased risk of fracture. The bones become thinner, more porous (hence the name osteoporosis) and therefore more fragile. Almost the entire skeleton is affected, in particular the vertebrae, the wrists and the neck of the femur. The fracture can occur spontaneously, after a minor trauma or a trivial effort.

Out of 100 50-year-old women who have just gone through menopause, 40 of them will present a fracture of this type before the end of their life. Osteoporosis remains a silent disease for a long time without any symptoms. In many cases, it is the occurrence of a fracture that reveals the disease. The diagnosis of osteoporosis is often made late, at an advanced stage of the disease, that is to say at the time of the fracture, when bone fragility is already significant. It is desirable and possible to diagnose the disease before the fracture by measuring bone mass, bone densitometry.

Osteocalcin, a marker of osteoporosis

Increasingly, research is relying on a particular marker for diagnosing osteoporosis and its progression, osetocalcin. At the time of puberty, elevation of osteocalcin correlates with skeletal growth, and at the time of menopause it reflects increased bone tissue loss. This role as a predictive tool for bone loss is also a tool for evaluating the therapeutic efficacy of treatments.

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It is by using this marker that Pr François-André Allaert, director of the CEN of Dijon studied the effect of a food supplement called Kitobone, rich in chitosan (an extract from the shell of crustaceans) on the osteoporosis. A group of 40 women with osteoporosis took part in a study that met the most rigorous scientific criteria: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Half of the first group received Kitobone and the second group a placebo. After three months, the first group that took Kitobone saw their osteocalcin levels stabilize, indicating that bone loss had stopped while the levels of the second group continued to rise.

The study proposed at the International Congress on Osteoporosis in 2018

For Professor Allaert, “the kitobone has shown its ability to stop osteoporosis. The kitobone is perfectly situated in the perspective of a food supplement, that of promoting the proper functioning of an organ or a function. It’s not a medicine. Ideally, women should take it at the end of menopause to prevent the onset of osteoporosis”. The results of the study being sufficiently significant, it will be presented at the next International Congress on Osteoporosis to be held in Warsaw in May 2018, bringing together the elite of world medical research on this subject.

Osteoporosis: redensifying the bone

In the meantime, they will also be able to expand their research and explain precisely how osteoporosis can be stopped and how bone can become dense again. Outside of the study, a singular effect was reported by around sixty women suffering from osteoporosis who had taken Kitobone for three months. Bone densitometry tests were carried out before and after the treatment. The results showed that the bones had regained density and calcium was reaggregating into the bone tissue.

In cure: Kitobone: 3 months of cure. Pause for a month, then resume for 3 months.

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