Probiotics: Boost Your Immunity

Probiotics are “friendly” bacteria of the intestine that strengthen the immune system. They participate in the proper assimilation of nutrients and play a leading role in strengthening or modulating immunity.

The intestine plays an essential role in digestion, the assimilation of nutrients but also the activity of the immune system. Indeed, it is in the intestine that most of the body’s defense system is concentrated and that nutrients and micronutrients are assimilated to nourish all of our cells. It is therefore important to maintain a good intestinal balance. For this, there are in particular probiotics.

Probiotics and immune defenses

The word probiotic comes from the Greek “biotikos” and means “in favor of life”. To summarize, probiotics can be defined as useful bacteria that act at the level of the intestinal ecosystem by strengthening immune cells and preventing the proliferation of unwanted germs. They are all the more useful as our intestinal ecosystem is frequently weakened by fatigue, an unsuitable diet or even taking medication.

The benefits in general

In addition to strengthening the immune defences, these bacteria participate in digestion and the synthesis of certain vitamins and can improve digestive functions after treatment (antibiotics for example). In addition, a probationary cure can be recommended to avoid winter ailments (colds, fatigue, etc.) since they help the body fight against infections.

Where to find it- Precautions to take

Probiotics are found in yoghurts, fermented milk products (cheeses and yoghurts), plants (cereals, artichokes, leeks, etc.) but also especially in the form of food supplements. Before consuming, be aware that their effectiveness depends on several factors and that depending on your needs, the selection of probiotic strains, their combination and their quantity may vary. Similarly, not all probiotic strains have the same effects. This is why it is worth seeking advice from a health professional.

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