Progress with the “Full Body” workout!

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Progress with training "fullbody"!

We’re always looking for the perfect workout program to achieve our muscle building or weight loss goals. Among the hundreds of programs available, which one should you choose to optimize your results? “Full Body” training is an interesting option, as it is a program that targets all muscle groups in each session.. Originally intended for people who are short on time or for beginners, this program is actually an effective tool for building muscle, burning calories and maintaining your metabolism during cutting phases. Explanations.

Full body training: what is it?

How to structure a full body program?

Remember that many exercises target multiple muscles simultaneously and you can work your whole body very effectively with just three or four exercises, six at most. Doing more will only tire you nervously and limit your muscle gains, as well as your strength.

Full Body Program 1

=> 3 to 5 sets of 5 to 8 repetitions for each exercise

Keep your program for about 8 weeks, then move on to the next program, which is planned in 3 weekly sessions. In this program each exercise is performed once a week, but each part of the body is still worked three times a week. This will optimize your recovery, allowing you to progress better in the long run.

full body program 2

=> 3 to 5 sets of 5 to 8 repetitions for each exercise

How many sets and reps?

Full body and weight loss

Avoid monotony with the full body

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