Reduce inflammation with Dr. Weil’s diet

Food is a complement and sometimes an alternative to the treatment of health problems. In this sense, many nutritionists and doctors design dietary practices for therapeutic purposes. Dr. Weil’s diet helps fight diseases with inflammatory symptoms. This is a moderately restrictive practice which, however, requires supplementation.

Concept by Dr. Weil

Dr. Andrew Weil, American professor of medicine, affirms the involvement of inflammation in the occurrence of certain diseases. His opinion is shared by many scientists. It advocates prevention through natural methods. Thus was initiated the diet of Dr. Weil, classified among the anti-inflammatory diets. Its design is based on the correction of bad eating habits.

Goals of Dr. Weil’s diet

The diet has similarities with the Mediterranean diets and naturopathic and that of Okinawa. The initiator has selected the strong points for its design. The main objective of Dr. Weil’s diet lies in reducing inflammation. In its momentum, it contributes to the strengthening of the immune and nervous system. It provides the body with resistance and the ability to adapt to change. Thus, it tends to lengthen life expectancy.

Therapeutic indications

We adopt the anti-inflammatory diet to treat a number of diseases. It acts on the different organs of the human body.

  • Inflammatory diseases

The diet is recommended in the treatment of certain painful circulatory and cardiovascular disorders. It is also suitable for treating joint and intestinal pain. It is also undertaken in case of certain tumours.

  • Disorders of metabolic origin
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These pathologies generally come from food excesses. These include diabetes, cholesterol and obesity.

  • Disorders at the level of the psychic field

Inflammations can appear in a depressive syndrome. They can come from nervous fatigue or a drop in morale.

Basic principles

The principle is essentially based on a nutritional balance. It promotes the consumption of plant foods and oily fish.

The nutritional breakdown listed contains 40-50% carbohydrates. It recommends a share of 30% lipids. The recommended amount of protein is around 80-120 grams per day. The diet also involves the daily intake of 40 grams of fiber.

The prescribed daily ration contains 5 servings of vegetables and 4 of fruit, 2 of oilseeds and 2 of legumes. The concept encourages the unlimited consumption of mushrooms and the daily intake of 5 parts of cereal. He recommends 2 servings of soybeans and 3 doses of oils rich in omega 3. To these foods are added dried fruits, seeds, plant-based dairy products and seaweed.

Natural foods provide the antioxidants involved in slowing down cellular aging and providing a good general condition. Omega 3 preserves the heart health and circulatory.



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