Released in all bookstores in June 2015, the book Rejuvenate written by Philippe Taurand, geriatrician, and François Lehn, scientific journalist, reveals the secrets to staying young or becoming young again.


Ransom for the success of medicine, we live longer but in poor condition.

Among the most important pathologies related to age, we can mention in order of prevalence, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), cancers and especially neurodegenerative pathologies: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia . The number of cases among people over 65 continues to increase.

This book describes the solutions that now exist to reverse the physiological effects of time and rejuvenate. From international research to concrete tools now available, Rejuvenate shows that the fountain of youth is within our reach. From the keys to general rejuvenation to the main pathologies of aging that weigh most heavily on quality and hope, this book explains how to avoid them by staying young.

Telomere, Telomerase, Astragalus and lifestyle: the key to rejuvenation

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn (Nobel Prize in Physiology 2009) discovered that the chromosomes have a kind of “shagreen” called “Telomer”. Telomeres seal the chromosomes and protect their end from deterioration. Kind of like the little plastic that keeps the tips of your shoelaces from fraying. Each time a cell divides, the telomeres shrink until they eventually die. Telomere shortening is a marker of biological age. People with longer telomeres enjoy better health and stay visibly younger for longer. At the same time, the researchers discovered an enzyme, Telomerase, which allows cells to rebuild part of this skin of shagreen so that it lengthens. The more this enzyme is active, the better the body is protected against aging processes, heart disease and several types of cancer. We now know that an active molecule extracted from the plant: Astragalus is a powerful activator of telomerase. The lengthening of telomeres makes it possible to regenerate the body and visibly rejuvenate. Our way of life also has an impact. Stress, a pro-inflammatory diet, pollution decrease the size of telomeres. Conversely, a healthy lifestyle helps maintain and lengthen telomeres.
Brain rejuvenation and neurodegenerative diseases: preventing and curing them

Brain rejuvenation is explained in detail and simply by Dr. Taurand, geriatrician. Cerebral decline seems to be a fatality. But at 40, 50, 60, 70 etc, we can still go back. Dr. Taurand uses effective protocols for his patients, which break down as follows: correcting sensory deficits, avoiding a sudden break in activities (retirement), maintaining locomotor functions (continuing to evolve physically in the world) and capacities (endurance and resistance muscles), recover your memory (individually and in a collective workshop), adapt your diet, etc.

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Concrete solutions exist to regain our lost brain capacities. Rejuvenate sets out the protocols, on a daily basis, for each age group and according to the pathologies or even for still able-bodied people who want to regain their lost abilities.

Korean geniuses: Regenerate joints, heart, skin and stimulate hormones.

Professor Kim from the University of Seoul has developed a nutritional supplement rich in chitosan. Published studies have shown that on humans, this active ingredient from the shell of crustaceans can regenerate the cartilage of the joints and thus eliminate osteoarthritis and rheumatism in general. The collagen of the joints on the one hand, but also the collagen of the skin. The rejuvenation is seen on the skin, hair and nails.

There is also an active molecule capable of eliminating hypertension. First risk factor for stroke, which affects 75% of people over 65. This comes in the form of a “true-false salt.” It can be obtained in Europe. Salt is the first responsible for hypertension, we eat too much salt but no substitute existed.

Another researcher has developed a testosterone booster. With age, this hormone decreases in the body. By restoring it, for men AND women, we regain general vitality and intellectual stimulation. Again, it is a natural molecule which is the actor of this rejuvenation.

Ethical questions: rejuvenation a turn of civilization?

With the rejuvenation, several key issues surface. Rejuvenate why, until when, for what benefits, what are the limits? Are we acting in the interest of a better quality of life for everyone? Is this a concession to the dictatorship of “youthism”?, another attempt to escape death or to delay it as long as possible? Will advances in stem cell research allow us tomorrow to regenerate our bodies ad infinitum?

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This book Rejuvenate should be a landmark both in the quality and relevance of the solutions it offers to ensure general, cerebral, cardiac and articular rejuvenation, and the novelty of this question, which has never before been tackled with such precision and perspective.

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