Release of our cellular memories

Science no longer doubts today that water has a memory. Our cells being composed of 80% water, they carry information related to our experience but also to that of our trans-generational. By transmuting the information they carry, one can improve one’s general state and free oneself from the weight of the past.

We keep in our body the trace of psychic conflicts, emotional wounds, parental and family pathological patterns that sometimes go back several generations.

Each wound, each fear, each belief that is inscribed in our cells can cause us to experience sometimes uncomfortable and repetitive situations that are only a reflection of what we carry. We “carry” in our cells negative emotional charges related to our personal experiences. This emotional burden, often unconscious, lowers our vibrations, enters our nervous system and our cells, diminishing their life force, their mode of functioning and their capacity for self-repair.

This can lead us to psychological and/or physical dysfunctions. Inner suffering will find a way outward in the form of tensions through our energy system, then physiological and or physical.

Illness is not an aggression from an external agent but the expression of an internal conflict.

Chronic fatigue, general weakness, anxiety, headaches..

Some health dysfunctions can thus have an origin deeply inscribed in us such as:

– Inertia/blockages (personal or professional)

– Feeling of not being in his right place in life

– Depression

– Addictions (emotional, on the computer, at work, etc.)

– Insomnia/stress

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– Anxiety/anxiety

– Agoraphobia

– Lack of self-confidence, shyness

– Anorexia, bulimia

– Headache

– Unexplained anger

– Chronic fatigue

– Physical/psychological tensions

– Couple problems

The talk and touch approach

Mind-body approaches can help find the inner source of outer troubles. It is the work of Natal’lie Chiaruttini who accompanies in the “transmutation” of her negative memories in order to be able to walk again on our path of life and no longer on that imposed unconsciously by our trans-generational.

The work of accompaniment by the word helps to release the negative memories which are engrammed in the prenatal diagrams or those acquired during our life.

The care that Natal’lie Chiaruttini dispenses, combining speech, the laying on of hands and the use of the crystal bed (see on her site), contributes to transmuting the information stored in the cells in order to live the best.

Between the sessions, when you are once again confronted with your daily life, you will feel the appeasement of your emotions and a return of your vitality. Little by little this work of “transmutation” will induce a change in your exterior landscape.

This work is for any adult person who wants to do deep work in order to move towards overall well-being.

For more information

Natal’lie Chiaruttini

Phone. 06 62 27 01 17



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