Rice milk, soy milk… which vegetable drink to choose?

Improperly called vegetable milks, these drinks are in fact juices made from oleaginous fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, etc.), cereals (oats, etc.) or legumes (soya).

Their advantages

Lactose-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free for some, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, in fibre… these drinks have serious nutritional advantages. Not to mention their ease of use!

Their disadvantages

These alabaster-tinged drinks, sold as milk substitutes, are not milk. Although these plant-based beverages are not devoid of interest, they contain a lot of water, some added sugars and few nutrients.

Vegetable milks are not suitable for infants

These drinks are nutritionally unsuitable for infants because they do not provide enough energy, protein, essential amino acids, fatty acids, calcium, iron… In the long term, they present risk of deficiencies, malnutrition

Real alternatives to cow’s milk?

These rice milks, almond milks… offer another possibility to cow’s milk for the lactose intolerant. Also valuable for those with cholesterol (low levels of saturated fatty acids) or simply for people who want to reduce their consumption of cow’s milk

Things to check before buying

  • Added sugars: it is better to choose products that display the mention “no added sugar” and dose the desired amount yourself.
  • Protein content: only plain soy drinks have a good protein content.
  • The amount of calcium : these drinks do not shine by their presence in calcium. Opt for those fortified with calcium.
  • The presence of allergens: if you have food intolerances, check the mentions gluten-free, lactose-freepresence or not of nuts… Without indication, abstain!
  • The number of ingredients: avoid drinks with unnatural flavors, preservatives, stabilizers…
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You can prepare your own vegetable drinks

You can make your own vegetable drinks with a squeeze machine and retain the nutrients. Simple, quick, economical, ecological, materials without PVC, without bisphenol… ChufaMix (€44.90, on sale on the internet: or allows you to give free rein to your imagination with dried fruits, cereals, seeds. Note: the machine requires the use of an immersion blender (not supplied).

  • Simply in ready-to-use drinks, cold or hot.
  • But also in the kitchen, replacing cow’s milk or fresh cream in your preparations (soups, quiches, clafoutis, etc.).

Vary the pleasures by playing originality for salty or sweet tooth!

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