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Prime Minister Édouard Philippe and Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn presented this Monday morning March 26 the major measures of the new health strategy for Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term. Among the 25 advanced measures, the fight against excess salt is highlighted to fight against strokes, hypertension and cardiovascular risks. Opt for a new salt without the effects of salt and protect your health

Monday morning, at the premises of the French public health agency, the government unveiled 25 key measures of the national health prevention plan. These concern all stages of life, from pregnancy to old age. The government’s ambition is to enable everyone to become an actor in their own health, by adopting the right reflexes from an early age.

Among these measures, the incentive to reduce the consumption of salt in everyday food. By 2022, the government wants to reduce the amount of salt on French people’s plates by 20%. And for good reason: while the World Health Organization (WHO) has set the daily consumption of salt at 5 grams, the French population ingests an average of 8 to 10 grams per day. This consumption has stagnated since 2006. However, according to the WHO, eating less salt would reduce the overall rate of cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) by 23% and the rate of cardiovascular disease by 17%.

Excess salt, the highway to hypertension, stroke and cardiovascular disease

The sodium contained in salt, up to 400 mg per 1 g, plays a key role in the body. It helps distribute water in the body and regulate blood pressure and volume. It is also essential for the proper functioning of the muscles, kidneys and heart, as well as the routing of nerve impulses. It remains that beyond a certain quantity it also becomes harmful. Hypertension is responsible for 62% of strokes and half of coronary heart disease. It already concerns 12 million people in France where there is 1 stroke every 4 minutes, it is the leading cause of motor disability in adults. Another side effect of hypertension: under the effect of the pressure, the arteries harden, the heart is more stressed, and the result is left ventricular hypertrophy, a pathology which ultimately generates heart failure.

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Salt without the effects of salt

Symbiosal salt

Fortunately, there has recently been an alternative that allows you to consume salt without the effects of salt. We owe this revolution to a Korean discovery. In the town of Mokpo, in the southwest of the peninsula, is the Korea University dedicated to the sea, marine research and the promotion of seafood products. It is historically a town of fishermen where there are also the largest salt marshes in the country. This is where a bio-technology engineer by the name of Guen-Sik CHO, a member of the university, conducted research on Chitosan. It is a natural active ingredient that comes from the shells of crustaceans: crab, lobsters or shrimps which the region is rich in. By a rather complex engineering process, hydrolysis, he succeeded in assembling sodium chloride (from salt) and chitosan, in a ratio of 97% sodium chloride and 3% chitosan. This stable mixture of natural products gave rise to the Symbiosis, the first true-false salt. Over-the-counter in Korea since 2009, several international studies, presented at world cardiology congresses in particular, have shown that this salt can lower blood pressure by 20% if it is adopted in daily table consumption or in cooking. It is also suitable for people who have to follow a salt-free diet.

Preserving the taste of salt while protecting your cardiovascular health by reducing the risk factors for angina pectoris, atherosclerotic plaques, myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke, it really makes you want to eat…l peace of mind.

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photo Symbiosal a salt without the effects of saltSymbiosal a salt without the effects of salt

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