Sambucus Nigra, the homeopathic strain of laryngitis

A frequently used remedy for problems with the respiratory mucous membranes, Sambucus Nigra is a strain of plant origin. From a shrub called black elderberry and which comes from Asia, North Africa and Europe. Also called Elderberry, it settles naturally in woods and hedges. This species of shrubs from the Caprifoliaceae family has laxative and diuretic properties. The Sambucus Nigra homeopathic dilution is prepared from the flowering tops of this tree. The mother tincture comes from its black berries, leaves and bark. Since Antiquity until today, its virtues are more and more known both in alternative medicine and in pharmacy. This preparation from the Boiron laboratory

Prescriptions of Sambucus Nigra in homeopathy

Sambucus Nigra is used in case of choking cough or coughing, whooping coughs and stuffy nose rhinitis. It regulates colds with nocturnal aggravation and which forces us to breathe through the mouth. This remedy takes care of hoarseness with thick sticky mucus in the larynx. It can be taken in case of constant sneezing (especially at night) and anxiety attacks. In this case, the patient remains in a state of stress throughout the day. It is also still prescribed in the treatment of stridulous laryngitis, asthma attack and coryza with nasal obstruction.

In small babies, the homeopathic remedy Sambucus Nigra can be taken in case of nasal obstruction with difficulty suckling.

Sambucus Nigra care mode

The Sambucus Nigra homeopathic strain comes in granules (4 gram tube) and in globule doses. But also in various dilutions ranging from 5 to 30 CH. By placing under the tongue and letting it dissolve, this medication is taken outside of meals. Sambucus Nigra can be taken during lactation and pregnancy. Indeed, it poses no danger to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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For nasal obstruction, 5 or 7 CH, three pellets 1 to 3 times a day. 9 CH 3 times a day for colds (with a completely blocked nose) which requires breathing through the mouth. This indication can also treat nocturnal choking cough. But in this case, the frequency of taking must be every two hours, to space out from improvements.

For the stuffy nose with cyanosis of the face, sudden awakening and difficulty breathing in infants and children. Use 3 granules of Sambucus nigra (5 CH), two to three times a day in the evening before sleeping. Cleaning the nose with seawater can also facilitate improvement. Dissolve the granules in a small amount of water. In case of acute laryngitis, you can take 5 CH every 10 minutes (waiting for the arrival of the doctor).


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