Schultz’s autogenic training: regaining calm and confidence

An easy-to-learn relaxation method, Schultz’s autogenic training allows you to regain calm in a few moments. Ideal for learning to control emotions and stress.

Schultz autogenic training (TAS) is an easy-to-reach method of self-hypnosis in which feelings of heaviness and warmth appear, accompanied by a remarkable recovery effect. The principle consists of physiological exercises intended to put the mind and the body at rest. Anyone can, with a little practice, practice it. It is a self-hypnosis method commonly used in sophrology to achieve a deep level of relaxation.

Self-confidence and calm

The TAS provides access to a state of physical and mental well-being whose effects can last several hours after the series of exercises. It induces a deep self-confidence by the awareness of the ability to calm down alone, without the intervention of a third party.

During sophrology sessions the person learns the method but can quickly be autonomous in his practice. What I like about sophrology, and particularly about TAS, is the absence of dependence between the “patient” and the therapist. Knowing how to act alone on one’s breathing, knowing how to provoke bodily sensations such as gravity, heat or coolness, requires training but above all a desire to take oneself in hand, to take responsibility.

A typical session

The TAS has the advantage of being practiced almost anywhere and the duration of the exercise varies according to the training (from 3 to 30 minutes). Here is a very short example: start by sitting comfortably, the body relaxed, the chin on the chest, the hands placed on the thighs, palms of the hands facing outwards. Close your eyes and mentally formulate “I am completely calm” several times, using slow, deep abdominal breathing. Let come to you a feeling of heaviness, heaviness in the shoulders, then in the arms. Repeat “My arm is pleasantly heavy” and so on on each part of the body. We thus abandon ourselves to well-being, to rest, letting this feeling of gravity descend gradually along the body, to the toes, slowly. Then, allow a feeling of warmth to come to you in the soles of your feet and let it spread up your body, up to your shoulders; mentally repeating to yourself “my legs are pleasantly warm”… We voluntarily leave our heads aside.

Then the exercise continues with work on breathing and the well-being of the whole body.

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Autosuggestion makes it possible to reach a deep, progressive and remarkable level of relaxation. It is better to practice with a sophrologist at first to be able to master the method and better feel its effects.


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