Sedentary lifestyle: at work walk for 5 minutes at least three times a day

According to a study from Indiana University, three daily sessions of 5 minutes of walking could significantly reduce arterial damage to the legs caused by prolonged sitting.

Prolonged sitting, which affects most people doing office work, is not without health risks. Recent epidemiological studies have notably revealed that it is associated with several cardiovascular risk factors, such as high cholesterol levels or excessive waist circumference.

The negative effects of prolonged sitting

This new experimental study demonstrates for the first time that if the negative effects of the sitting position manifest themselves quickly in the body, and in particular in the legs, they are also easily reversible by mobilization…

The study involved 11 healthy, non-overweight volunteers, aged 20 to 35, in two randomized trials. In the first, participants had to sit for 3 hours straight. In the meantime, the researchers measured the functionality of the femoral artery 4 times (at the start and every hour) using a tensiometer and ultrasonography. The experiment was then repeated with 5-minute activity breaks on a treadmill after 30 minutes, 1h30 and 2h30.

A little exercise, not long, just 5 minutes

The results show that the dilation mediated by blood flow at the level of the femoral artery already drops by 50% after only 1 hour. A phenomenon which disappears completely with the 3 sessions of 5 minutes of physical exercise, which seem to preserve endothelial function.

In any case, these results already show the real health benefits of low-intensity exercise, such as walking and regular breaks, in work requiring prolonged sitting.

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