Sedentary lifestyle: fight against inactivity at work

The increasing sedentary lifestyle that we experience, from 8 hours a day, increases the risk of (chronic) pathologies and decreases life expectancy. Sitting all day is a real health hazard. But this risk can be corrected if you are active the rest of the day and even at the office.

We sit all day: in the office, in transport, in our free time. However, there are two types of people who are faced with a sedentary lifestyle. On the one hand, a person sitting at work and also inactive in his spare time. On the other hand, a person who works while seated but moves outside of work.

Compensate for work-related sedentary lifestyle with activity during free time

For people who are still active, the negative effects of daytime sedentary behavior would be countered if the volume of effort subsequently provided is sufficient. There are significant results (reduction of the risk of (chronic) diseases and premature death) from 16 METs (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) for one hour per week, which is equivalent to, for example, 5.3 hours of walking, 2 .7 hours of cycling or 1.6 hours of running. If the person moves more, it leads to better results.

Use your day to move at work

Physical activity has a positive influence on insulin sensitivity and postprandial blood glucose levels, both for healthy individuals and for people with obesity and/or type 2 diabetes. after breakfast that postprandial blood sugar rises the most, it is interesting to exercise after this meal.

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The ideal is to move 15 minutes three times a day. After sport, insulin sensitivity increases. This effect persists between 24 and 48 hours (depending on the effort).

There are many tips and tricks to combat being sedentary during the day.

Here are some of them: work standing or, for a better result, including on the weight, work while walking. Walk during lunch breaks or meetings, use an exercise bike as a desk chair, get up regularly and move around a bit, or even get off the bus one stop early. Sedentary behavior has entered our daily lives and has taken hold: it’s time to find alternatives to our dear office chair.

To give you ideas, also read this article that we have published on physical exercises that can be done in the office.


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