Self-coaching, helping yourself to get better

Self-coaching is a method of personal development that can be a useful aid in setting goals and managing apprehensions on a daily basis. Break down barriers, set goals, go beyond your fears, self-coaching pushes you in the right direction.

Self-coaching is a self-help personal development tool, using a manual. The objective is to observe what is happening in the present to transform the future. It is not a therapy where one is interested in the past. Self-coaching allows you to transform your state of mind and activate your personal resources. It is a tool which, while it may be effective, is not recommended for all situations. Self-coaching exercises are based on reflection, creativity, action, visualization. They can be used as a preliminary, as a complement or as a follow-up to coaching.

A simple and personal method

The advantage of a personal practice, in addition to the rhythm which adapts to each one, is to develop autonomy and to stimulate the notion of personal work. For example, we can act on the stress and anxiety that often come from a feeling of powerlessness to control a complex and uncertain environment. By using this method regularly, the practice of self-coaching helps to spontaneously soothe these emotions. This personal tool activates individual creativity allowing everyone to develop their own tricks, those that suit them and above all that they will enjoy practicing.

The goal is action for improvement

Self-coaching is not a meditation, its goal is practical and aims at action in order to resolve a situation that poses a problem for us. We always feel better if we act than if we suffer. However, there is no point in repeating yourself and acting as if everything is fine if it is not. The most important thing is to listen to yourself. An easy exercise to begin with is to relax your body and your mind then to imagine a painting, a direct reflection of a situation that is difficult for us. The person can then seek to embellish this table, change its place, adjust it until it suits him better. It’s a good way to take some distance from a painful situation.

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