Sexuality: pornographic images, a real risk of addiction, by Karine Maurer

In 15 years porn has become accessible and free for everyone. Gone is the channel porn plus in encrypted Saturday night mode. Today, super productions have given way to free streaming sites in abundance. The targets are younger and younger and the risks of erectile dysfunction, “in real life”, and addiction in adulthood are real.

Regular consultation of X sites is practiced by 22% of minors under the age of 10, 36% of 10-14 year olds, and 42% of 15-18 year olds. Not only do our teenagers have free access to it with their smartphone in the playground, but it turns out that porn also has serious repercussions on the brains of those who consume it excessively, as indicated by the study carried out at Max Palck Institut published in an article a few days ago on this website. And the conclusions of this study are not worrying all the same. Men who spend a lot of time watching Internet pornography, at least 4 hours a week, appear to have less gray matter in certain parts of the brain and reduced brain activity!

Pornography: a lie that distorts reality

Viewing pornography is not unhealthy in itself, only the line is fine between occasional consumption and addiction.

Who are the most sensitive subjects? People who are at risk of becoming addicted to porn are usually single men who are dissatisfied with their sex life and lack self-confidence. Indeed, heavy consumers of X would never dare in normal life to approach the kind of women seen in porn.

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The problem is that by dint of being stimulated by pornstars with redone breasts, over-makeup and totally shaved, their brain gets used to these artificial bodies and registers them as real. Men are at risk of experiencing erectile dysfunctions because their brains in real life facing real imperfect bodies will no longer be aroused.

Porn addiction also affects men living in couples. This fast food version of sex is very tempting and above all very addictive. For the majority of men, pornography is just an occasional need to satisfy an urge, for others it can become a problem if the simple curiosity of the beginning becomes necessary for arousal.

Porn acts like a drug

At the beginning, when an individual watches porn, he seeks to satisfy a curiosity, an impulse and to empty an inner tension through masturbation. He then accesses a state of relaxation and pleasure provided by the hormones of dopamine and endorphin. These hormones are produced by the reptilian brain which allows us to drink, eat, sleep and reproduce. It is he who governs our survival. It has a virtual monopoly of neurons that use dopamine and endorphin. Dopamine is the hormone that regulates feelings of pleasure and reward. Endorphin is the hormone of pleasure and well-being. It is released in our body following an orgasm. It therefore acts like a natural morphine.

Porn addiction is all about seeking the ever-increasing production of those hormones that the reptilian brain demands. Therefore, the more the individual looks at it, the more he wants it. Over time, this person will watch longer and longer, more and more frequently, and look for harder and harder scenes. The scenes that excited him at the beginning are no longer enough for him, he becomes a Sherlock Holmes of the shock scene which will give him his dose. This behavior, typically that of a “drug addict” who needs an ever more regular and ever larger dose, could also lead to real addiction.

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Karine Maurer Photo of Karine Maurer SexologistKarine Maurer sexuality coach and companion since 2004, she has hosted a YouTube channel dedicated to sexuality and female pleasure for two years sexuality coach and companion since 2004, she has hosted a YouTube channel dedicated to sexuality and female pleasure for two years . Speaker and facilitator of conscience, she regularly creates talking circles, seminars and conferences around the SEXUAL SELF. Former model, sports coach, trainer of major cosmetics brands, mother of four children, after a long path of resilience, she has built her path as a companion over the years. She trained in different therapeutic currents and teachings: conscious therapeutic touch, Chinese medicine, Carl Rogers, music therapy, shamanism, hypnosis, Access Consciousness™. Creator of the “Integrated Divine Women-Grail” movement, Karine is a woman passionate about the expansion of consciousness.

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