Shower curtains: danger in the bathroom

Your shower curtain is probably the most germ-bearing thing in your bathroom.

You may be showering with harmful bacteria, but these don’t come from your tub or showerhead. They may be coming from your shower curtain. Germs and bacteria growing on a shower curtain are not a serious health threat to most people, but you should still clean your shower curtains regularly, as it is the dirtiest place. of your bathroom.

60 times more germs on shower curtains than on toilets

Researchers tested several shower curtains and interviewed over 500 people. Culture analysis detected microbial life on shower curtains 60 times greater than on toilet seats. This suggests that shower curtains are the dirtiest surfaces in the bathroom. The strains of bacteria present include gram-negative rods and gram-positive rods. The study authors claim that the majority of gram-negative rods are harmful to humans and may be resistant to antibiotics.

Bacteria on shower curtains: we don’t just wash in the shower

Study participants reported the following activities in the shower:

  • urinate (81% of men and 73% of women)
  • have sex (61% of people)
  • shaving (65%)
  • brushing teeth (33%)

While these habits no doubt add to the reasons for regularly cleaning our showers, experts say there’s no strong evidence to support any of them causing higher levels of bacteria on curtains. of shower.

On the other hand, if your toilet is in your bathroom, bacteria from feces can still spread from the toilet to the curtain, and to your toothbrush, through the plume that comes out of the toilet when you flush depending on the experts.

Keeping the toilet seat closed when flushing helps prevent the spread of germs. Once these germs have accumulated on your shower curtain, the different bacteria multiply in the warm, humid and often dark environment of your shower. Bacteria even survive and grow from the organic compounds released by our body during coughing and other bodily functions.

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Molds more dangerous than bacteria

Rather than worrying about bacteria in the bathroom turn our attention to mold. Mold seems to be the major problem, most of the health risks are related to mold allergies and sharing the shower between family members. Do not confuse bacteria and mold, they both grow the same way in the bathroom.

Exposure to molds is associated with health problems such as eye irritation, chronic cough, skin rashes and sore throats. Children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems are more vulnerable to these risks.

Clean your shower curtain regularly

You should clean your shower curtains at regular intervals to prevent bacteria and mold growth, monthly or at least quarterly if the shower is used daily.


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