Smoking: it’s never too late to quit!

Quit smoking okay, but it’s not always easy to rely on your will alone to face temptation! Several formulas exist to help you stick to your resolution. And you, what would you choose?

The best known and most used method, nicotine substitutes are legion in pharmacies. Patches, inhalers, lozenges, chewing gum or others are of comparable effectiveness, everyone can choose the form that suits them best.

Effective on nicotine-dependent smokers, these substitutes triple the chances of quitting in the first three months, and double them over a year by fighting against the effects of withdrawal. Since 2007, the first month of treatment has been reimbursed up to €50.

Solutions with contraindications

For those who prefer to adopt a more conventional drug, there are also several products, which are also reimbursed: Bupropion LP (Zyban) and Varenicline (Champix) are the best known. If the first acts on the dopamine receptors by suppressing the symptoms of withdrawal, the second acts directly on the brain so that the cigarette no longer produces pleasure.

Recommended for heavy smokers, over one year, the success rate of these products is around 20%. However, the many side effects (severe depression for Champix) and contraindications lead some doctors to prescribe them as little as possible.

Reimbursed behavioral and cognitive therapies

Other people use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). A patient doubles his chances of quitting smoking at 6 months.

Despite this, this method, like the first two, is recognized by the INPES (National Institute for Prevention and Health Education). CBT is broken down into 10 to 25 sessions of 45 minutes where you work on your motivation to stop with the therapist. It is also partly reimbursed, and can be associated with one of the first two solutions.

Acupuncture, auriculotherapy or hypnosis, the most that can change everything

Then come formulas whose effectiveness is more difficult to prove in the medium term: acupuncture, mesotherapy (intradermal injections), hypnosis and auriculopuncture (sub-discipline of acupuncture centered on the ear). The number of sessions and the results vary completely depending on the patient and the importance of his consumption at the start. But in most cases, it’s a great help that can tip the scales.

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Choose the right time

All these methods must come in addition to a real desire to quit smoking: it is practically useless, for example, to want to quit during a period of significant stress in your work. It is also necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle: healthy food and regular sport will prevent you from gaining weight on the one hand, and on the other hand will compensate for the effects of withdrawal due to nicotine withdrawal.


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