“Sockeye” salmon: 4 stars for taste, 4 stars for health

Welcome to the new world of Gastronomy-Health. The Nutrilys laboratory has selected the best wild salmon from the Pacific, taken from the best parts of the salmon and the richest in active ingredients good for health, to offer the youop of “Made In Alaska”. Excellent in taste and no less excellent for health, we find in a box of salmon fillets, Omega-3, Vitamin D, Phospholipids and Astaxanthin in abundance. As an aperitif, in a salad, or in a dish, do yourself good and discover salmon like you’ve never eaten it before.

Nutrilys is a laboratory specialized in food supplements of marine origin for more than 20 years. Anxious to provide supplements offering the best benefit for human health while scrupulously taking care to respect the marine sources of its supplies, this laboratory innovates with “Sockeye” salmon fillets. There are 5 species of Pacific salmon in North America: King salmon (Chinook), Coho, Red salmon (Sockeye), Chum and Pink. The wild Pacific sockeye salmon, called “Sockeye”, has a deep red flesh color specific to this species. Its red color and high oil content are explained by a diet consisting mainly of zooplankton (small shrimp and other crustaceans). Fished in the pure and wild waters of Alaska, with the greatest respect for the balance of the marine world, its flesh is free of heavy metals and pesticides. Selected for their creaminess and tenderness, the fillets (without skin or bones) of the Alaskan Sockeye are cut delicately by hand on the belly part of the salmon, the noblest part, the smoothest and the most rich in Omega 3 and Astaxanthin, this natural carotenoid pigment which gives it this unique color. Sockeye salmon is highly sought after for the quality and the natural color of its flesh, for its taste but beyond that for its nutritional values. Its high oil content and its red color make it a very popular fish in local markets, which are well aware of its unique taste and nutritional quality.

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5g of Omega-3 per box

It is a fatty fish particularly rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3s are classified as essential fatty acids because the human body absolutely needs them but cannot produce them itself, so it must find them as is in its diet. They have an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and aging. They lower bad cholesterol levels.

They have a beneficial effect on the skin and allow better development of the fetus and infant. They contribute to the proper functioning of the brain.
They also have favorable effects on mood, stress and libido.

In a box of Nutrilys salmon fillets, there is an exceptional content of 5g of Omega 3.

Astaxanthin: natural antioxidant pigment

Rich in Astaxanthin (pro-vitamin A), this natural pigment is a powerful antioxidant superior to Vitamin E, beneficial for the protection of the cardiac sphere and in the prevention of ocular aging. Vitamin D, which abounds in its fillets, promotes the intestinal absorption of dietary calcium and phosphorus, limits the risk of bone demineralization and contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Direct from Alaska

Canned raw in Alaska, then cooked in its juice, the fillets retain all their nutritional value. Fish oil is not denatured, it is whole, complete, pure, undistilled and untreated, as wild nature intended. No artificial coloring added. The salmon is cooked with only a little salt, that’s all.

Finally, advice from a health-conscious gourmet: also drink the juice of the salmon present in the box, it is a concentrate of Astaxanthin.

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3 boxes of 170g at the price of 34€ including tax + shipping costs


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