Some information about the Paleolithic diet

Weight loss is one of the objectives common to many dietary principles. The Paleolithic diet includes it among its expected outcomes. For this, he advocates a return to basics and the exclusion of certain substances. It has many benefits, but also risks of harm to health.

Plan history

The initiators of the Paleolithic diet imitate the diet of ancient times, preceding the industrial era. They designed it on the basis of the good health and longevity of prehistoric humans. They draw these conclusions from the analysis carried out on the bones found during the excavations.

The paleo diet was thus adopted around 1985 to confirm the hypotheses of Doctor Boyd Eaton. This one affirmed the similarity of the nutritional needs of the men during the various times.

General principles of the diet

Diet foods are usually eaten raw, caveman style. It bans certain foods and aims to improve the state of health.

The diet advocates the consumption of lean meat, fish, eggs and seafood. These constitute theprotein intake. Added to this are fruits and vegetables, nuts and unprocessed oils of vegetable origin.

The principle excludes dairy products, cereals, tubers and legumes. It also prohibits carbonated drinks and sugary and industrial foods.

Certain foods can enter into the constitution of food in the diet. They are allowed but require caution and moderation. A temporary deprivation is recommended at the beginning of the diet. Gradual reintegration is authorized after an accommodation.

  • Objectives and strengths
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The weightloss and fat is the primary objective of the Paleolithic diet. Well respected, it produces quick results.

Athletes adopt it to increase their muscle mass and physical performance. It also improves intellectual capacity. This diet helps reduce the feeling of fatigue and brings tone.

It produces many beneficial health results. Optimal fiber intake eliminates digestive concerns and acid reflux. This diet undoes sinus obstructions, morning stiffness. It prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome. It alleviates autoimmune disorders.

Main disadvantages of the diet

Dieting involves too many constraints and leads to frustration. She commits to races and preparation to overcome the routine and bring variety. She takes up so much time.

Risks relating to the adoption of the plan

Consumption of meat presents a clear risk of increased fat. This leads to the accumulation of bad cholesterol causing vascular disorders. Thus, the selection of lean meat is imperative. Red meat has properties liable to generate cancers in the digestive tract.

The recommended restrictions induce nutritional deficiencies. the paleolithic diet provides an insufficient amount of calcium and vitamins.


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