Speaking of health, why do we need holly?

Holly is a therapeutic plant. It is also called ruscusaculeatus, prickly boxwood, wild myrtle of the ancients or laurel of Alexandria. This beautiful weed comes from the botanical family Liliaceae and its provenance is attributed to Europe. It contains active molecules such as sesquiterpene lactone, caffeic acid, fatty acid, theobromine or alkaloid, ilixanthine and sterols. It also has plant hormones called auxins and gibberellins. Holly has beneficial qualities and multiple notable healing properties. Indeed, it is recognized for its tonic actions of the adrenals, antispasmodic and essentially antirheumatic.

The 7 main medicinal virtues of prickly boxwood

Its use is recommended in case of:

  • Nervous system dysfunction (stabilization of blood pressure, treatment of epilepsy and improvement of digestion);
  • Ringing in the ears while improving hearing;
  • Kidney problems(fluid retention or nephrolithiasis);
  • Disruption of the menstrual cycle;
  • Ear and eye diseases. It acts on the venous circulation (of the retina).
  • Abnormal or intermittent fevers.
  • Bronchial inflammation and lungs (flu, cold, sore throat, etc.).

This plant is used in herbal medicine in what form?

It can be applied in different aspects. These are the origin of the transformed leaves and roots of this shrub. Therefore, it is frequently available in: floral water, decoction of already dried leaves, cream, macerate (2 drops/day to add to a cup of water) and liquid preparations such as herbal teas or infusions.

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The ideal dosages for the use of:

  • Dried roots (1 tsp for 250 ml of boiling water),
  • Dried leaves (between 30 to 60 g/l of boiling water).

Holly and all its values

Hepatocellular, febrifuge, regenerator, hepatoregulator, are also among the virtues offered by holly. It is a therapeutic herb that can be very beneficial in treating bruises, cellular aging, nerve disorders and blood circulation problems.

To manufacture the holly wine, mix alcohol and chopped leaves then leave to macerate and add white wine. Its young shoots can be prepared raw or cooked like asparagus.

Its oil is strongly recommended in the treatment of skin problems (allergy, irritation, redness, insect bites, hemorrhoids, bruises and varicose veins). This essential liquid can be applied directly to the skin.

Contraindications and precautions for use with holly

It is to be avoided:

  • During pregnancy and lactation,
  • In case of skin allergies,
  • In children,

Slightly toxic, prolonged use is not recommended. People with high blood pressure, kidney and liver problems should also avoid it. The holly-based dietary supplements are not to be taken lightly. Indeed, before taking it, you need a medical consultation.


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