Sport during the holidays: test the circuit-training!

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Sport during the holidays: test the circuit-training!

The holiday season can be an opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries with your loved ones, but some of you may see it as a source of anxiety. Rather than taking a week or two off, you could take advantage of this period to train less frequently, for less time. and just as efficiently.

It may be time to consider circuit training sessions! Circuit training is an effective way to burn fat and build muscle. Explanations.

What is circuit training?

In addition, the short rest times will allow you to secrete more growth hormone and testosterone, thus promoting muscle building.

Circuits burn more fat

Focus on brevity

Ideally intense circuit training should not last more than 45 minuteswith 10 to 30 minutes being a prime window.

It is useful to know that if you make your sessions last longer than necessary, testosterone levels drop, while cortisol increases. This hormonal adaptation to excessively long workouts is detrimental to health, anabolism and waistline.

Down to the cellular level

It is obvious that lifting weights promotes muscle mass gain, but what we know less is that it also promotes the melting of adipose tissue. GLUT4 is a protein that transports glucose, present in muscle fibers and adipocytes. And when glucose is used by muscles, it does not go to fat cells. lifting weights forces the absorption of glucose by translocating GLUT4 in muscle cells, and arresting it in fat cells. The length of time this mechanism is active is a product proportional to training intensity.

How circuit training works

The training plan

Keep that workout cycle 6 consecutive weeks to get the best results, then switch to a program for muscle building or cutting, depending on your goals.

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Route 1

  • Squats: 12 reps

  • Seated dumbbell military press: 12 reps

  • Row bar: 12 reps

  • Deadlift: 12 reps

  • Bench incline abs: 12 reps

  • 60 to 90 seconds of rest.

    After the tour:

    – 5 minutes of cardio at 150-170bpm

    – 10 minutes at 130-150bpm

    (elliptical trainer, incline trainer or stair master)

    Route 2

  • Static forward lunges: 12 reps

  • Bench press: 12 reps

  • Vertical pull (traction or high pulley): 12 reps

  • Abs in suspended leg raises: 12 reps

    60 to 90 seconds of rest

    After the tour:

    – 5 minutes of cardio at 150-170bpm

    – 10 minutes at 130-150bpm

    (elliptical trainer, incline trainer or stair master)

    5 minutes of intense cardio

    NB: Do not mark any rest time between exercises.

  • Supplements to optimize your circuit-training

    The proteins


    BCAA 2.1.1, 4.1.1, 8.1.1, the choice is yours. Just make sure your branched chain amino acid complex has at least 2 parts leucine to 1 part isoleucine and valine.

    Take at least 5g of BCAAs after each session. Ideally, consume your BCAAs during and after your session (5g + 5g)

    Omega 3

    Choose omega 3 from controlled fish oils (EPAX® label for example), sufficiently rich in EPA and DHA. Check the levels of these two fatty acids before choosing your product. Omega 3s help reduce possible joint discomfort, maintain the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and can even reduce the formation of new fats, especially if they are combined with CLA.

    Take 1g of omega 3 at lunch and 1g at dinner, during the meal.


    They boost your energy levels and multiply caloric expenditure during exercise. During the holidays, optimize all your sessions with fat burners containing caffeine, green tea, guarana or hydroxycitric acid. Moreover, although not thermogenic, l-carnitine helps to increase performance during HIIT or circuit-training type efforts. The amino acid participates in the transport of mobilized fats to the mitochondria, which transform them into energy.

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    1 to 2g of l-carnitine 30 minutes before a session will help you to deploy more endurance while burning more fat.

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