Start the year with these 5 healthy resolutions for 2020

How to increase your health capital to live in better shape for the next 12 months? Discover 5 health resolutions to take absolutely and which can be integrated naturally into your usual lifestyle.

Supported by various studies, these changes will help you live better and gradually adopt a healthier lifestyle that is more favorable to your well-being.

  • Play sports

  • Exercising will help you stay healthy. Physical activities reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and low back pain while relieving stress and anxiety. Sport also increases strength.

    It develops muscle mass and helps strengthen bones. In addition to improving lung capacity, sport helps you maintain your figure and burn calories. Despite all these benefits, it is not always easy to get into sport or to persevere when starting physical activities. Don’t worry, this is completely normal.

    Our advice is to choose a sports activity that you like and that fits your lifestyle. Do you like cycling? Ride a bike. You don’t have a lot of material? Jump rope or get an abs mat. The simplest physical exercise that you can do on a daily basis is running.

    You can run a few minutes a day to keep in shape. Running daily for a few minutes is just as effective as a long jog, and a runner enjoys a longer life expectancy than an inactive person. If you really can’t do physical activities on your own, try to find friends, colleagues or play sports with your partner, it will help you to be more motivated. Playing sports in a group reduces stress even more.

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  • Get enough sleep

  • Sufficient sleep is essential for maintaining good health. It allows the body to benefit from an optimal recovery and to be on the attack again the next day. A good sleep does not always mean a long sleep, each individual has different needs. If you’re sleep deprived when you’re sleeping 7-8 hours a day, it means you’re a long sleeper and need more hours for proper physical and mental recovery.

    Note that the average sleep duration is 7 to 8 hours for most of the population, but there are people who only need 6 hours of sleep per day and sometimes less. A study carried out by the University of British Columbia, recommends the following sleep durations for children: 12 to 16 hours for 4 to 12 months, 11 to 14 hours for 1 to 2 years, 10 to 13 hours for 3 at 5 years old, 9 to 12 a.m. for 6 to 12 year olds and 8 to 10 a.m. for 13 to 18 year olds.

  • Eat more balanced

  • When it comes to health, food can be the root of all ills. For lack of time or because of the various constraints of daily life, we are often tempted to eat what suits us or what we like, but not always what the body needs.

    To improve your lifestyle and thus lose weight and stay healthy, simply choose the right foods. To do this, try to gradually reduce refined industrial products and gradually favor local fresh products and seasonal products.

    Also prefer unprocessed and unrefined products that still preserve a significant part of their nutrients. To better distribute the calories during the day, you can have a hot drink, fruit, cereal or dairy products in the morning.

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    If you had an egg, try to avoid consuming more protein servings at other meals. For lunch, alternate meats, fish, chicken or eggs and accompany them with vegetables, rice or starches. Fruit can serve as a dessert or snack if you feel hungry during the day. For dinner, you can prepare vegetable dishes and add a small portion of protein to meet the body’s daily energy needs. For dessert, fruits can be invited to the table.

    Sometimes, the cost can be considered as a brake on the adoption of a healthier diet, yet a study published in September 2017 in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism and carried out in Belgium shows that it is possible to adopt a varied diet and balanced even with a modest budget.

  • Stop or reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco

  • Alcohol and tobacco are a real health hazard. Whether they are eaten together or independently of each other, the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer is increased.

    It would be hard to quit smoking or drinking alcohol overnight, but a new year offers you the opportunity to change your life and start cutting down your intake or seeking help with withdrawal. . According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, excessive drinking in midlife can lead to serious health problems later on.

  • lose weight

  • This resolution is surely the one that comes up most often at the start of the year. Losing weight reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and improves health, but that’s not all.

    This is an effective way to regain self-confidence and to feel better about your body. If you succeed in taking the previous resolutions, it will be easier for you to lose weight since regular physical activity associated with a balanced diet is already a big step towards your goal.

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    Do not try to find the ideal diet or to follow constraints that you will give up after a few days, start changing your eating habits and persevere in the practice of regular physical exercise. A study published in the international journal Eating Behaviors shows that eating regular meals and taking care of your overall well-being are two effective methods for losing weight over the long term.


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