Stay Lean and Build Muscle Without Counting Calories


Dry without counting calories

Counting calories has become a norm for people who are serious about their goal of physical transformation. But is it really necessary? A few legitimate arguments may make you doubt the usefulness of calculating everything. It’s often more effective to take a simple approach to long-term success.
Here are some tips to put in place now to regulate your caloric intake without getting out the calculator and getting too worked up!

1. Make protein your priority at every meal

Some foods require more energy to digest than others. Protein loses between 25 and 30% of its caloric intake simply by being digested by enzymatic and metabolic processes. The other asset of the protein, beyond its thermogenic effect, this is its satiating effect. Have you noticed that cereals, ice cream, crisps and cookies, for example, rarely cause a satiety effect? We never feel full and suddenly we eat a lot more! On the other hand, eggs, red meat and fish, for example, hold well in your stomach and you feel “full” quite quickly. Last, but not least, you will have a hard time gaining muscle by eating only salad and fruit…

2. Stop drinking calories!

Without paying attention to it, we can drink more than 1000 calories every day, between fruit juice in the morning, sweet coffee, cappuccino at work, soda at lunch, etc. What’s more, all these liquids leave the stomach very quickly because they are low in fiber, protein and general density. By favoring a solid meal rich in macronutrients (lipids, carbohydrates and proteins), you increase your satiety and reduce your caloric intake over the entire day, just by this slow digestion. Sugary drinks in no way suppress the appetite and are low in nutrients. These calories are unnecessary, so avoid them.

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3. Choose foods that only contain one ingredient


If you’re looking to have the best physique possible regardless of your personal goal, it’s wiser to focus on real foods, not those processed through lengthy chemical processes with 30 components inside. You will digest better because your body will be busy breaking down a food and not dozens of dyes, preservatives, added sugars, syrups etc.. You will have better skin, a better psychological state and, above all, you will have less fat!

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