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Lack of light can have direct consequences on your body and lead to fatigue, depression, sleep disorders, sadness on waking or even mood swings. To remedy these ailments, discover the benefits of light therapy, a proven concept.

  • Light therapy lamps
  • Dawn simulator alarm clock
  • A few “bright” tips
  • It is now recognized that the drop in light and temperatures directly affects our body and our mind. In winter, and especially after the time change in October, many people sleep more, gain weight or are brooding. In these cases, light therapy can be quite effective in several forms.

    Light therapy lamps

    Light therapy involves exposing your body to a strong source of light. It can be practiced with the help of a lamp specially designed to provide maximum light (several tens of thousands of lux, unit of measurement of luminous illumination). Several hospitals also offer light therapy sessions, but patients can also borrow a portable lamp from the medical service or buy one from a store. In general, well-being is felt quickly, at the rate of half an hour a day, sitting a few centimeters from the lamp. Energy and vitality return in most patients within 10 days of starting treatment.

    Dawn simulator alarm clock

    The dawn simulator, also called “wake up by light”, allows you to resynchronize your biological clock with the natural day/night cycles. For example, if you want to wake up at 8:00 a.m., the simulator will, from 7:30 a.m., light up gradually and produce more and more intense light (but still soft and pleasant). At 8:00 a.m., you wake up naturally by the light of the room with the option of birdsong or the sound of a waterfall. Compared to lamps, the dawn simulator is just as effective and has the advantage of being easier to use. In both cases, these devices remain quite expensive (count more than 100 € for a dawn simulator and 200 € for a light therapy lamp).

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    A few “bright” tips

    In addition to these tools, there are natural solutions to take advantage of light. Think, for example, if you can, of walking rather than taking public transport to get to your place of work, going out at lunch break and filling up with the sun as soon as a ray appears (bike ride on weekends -end, small café on the terrace…).

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