Stress at work: 10 tips for having a good day

Stress is called “the evil of the 21st century”, and for good reason: According to several global studies, 73% of workers feel the effects of stress, 33% of them have already experienced a burnout. In fact, 77% of employees worldwide experience physical pain on a daily basis due to stress.
These figures are only small examples among an avalanche of findings, lack of cooperation at work, marital disputes, increase in certain diseases and other ailments are direct and indirect results of work stress.

Stress is a bodily response (physiological and psychosomatic) to a situation, it begins in the brain in the form of signals that will generate a secretion of cortisol (stress hormone) from the adrenal glands, this secretion causes different reactions .

The effect of cortisol is beneficial over short periods, because it generally increases the metabolism and faculties necessary to deal with these situations (Ex: Sharpness and concentration during an exam, muscle strength and speed to flee hazard etc).

However, its effect can be negative or even devastating if the secretion is excessive or prolonged, the latter can saturate the brain and generate hormonal imbalances, which promotes and catalyzes diseases, reduces immunity and causes a series of disastrous consequences for health.

10 tips:

Meditation: A growing body of research endorses and recommends it for its therapeutic, calming, and de-stressing effects.

Sleep well: Stress is often due to an accumulation of physical and mental fatigue which is often not felt at the beginning and which gradually sets in, moreover, it prevents the person from sleeping well. Making sure to rest every day is a very effective preventive measure, this translates into making your sleep a sacred moment (many tips to improve the quality of your sleep exist).

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Eating well: Just like sleeping, ensuring a healthy daily diet will reduce your stress, on the contrary, if you eat haphazardly, there is a chance that it will increase.

Arrange the work environment: Making sure you work in a clean, comfortable, well-lit and ventilated place will make your days better.

Morning Routine: Waking up is the most important moment as it will shape the rest of your day, make sure you start your day off right with a pleasant wake up call, a good breakfast and a stress-free preparation.

Sport / outlet: Having a way to externalize the accumulated stress is essential, a simple and regular physical activity or a relaxing activity (hiking, beach etc.) can drastically reduce stress.

Get rid of what stresses you: If any routine, object, person or other is causing you problems, it is best to avoid it or get rid of it, because this thing may wear you down in the long run.

Take a vacation when necessary: ​​Sometimes, the man needs to extricate himself entirely from his environment and then start again on a good basis, do not hesitate to take a break when necessary.

Avoiding bad solutions: Some people turn to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol or other stress relief, these things will only give you brief satisfaction which in the long run will only make you worse. make your situation worse.

Talking about it: Do not hesitate to express and exteriorize your frustration to someone, stress is also due to keeping things to yourself, talking about it relieves and allows you to have an outside point of view on your situation, important advice and encouragement can then be given.

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Even if it is omnipresent in different forms, stress at work can be overcome thanks to small reflexes and habits, consider adopting them gradually to have a better professional life, which by extension will make the rest of your life more pleasant.


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