Sun: the right steps to protect your skin- Presse santé

Little booster shot before the beach.

Despite the hype around the dangers of the sun and the
National Prevention and Screening Day organized each year at
month of May by the Syndicate of Dermatologists, the number of melanomas
continues to increase: 70,000 new cases of skin cancer are
detected (cumulative carcinomas and melanomas), of which around 7000 are
melanomas which annually cause nearly 1,500 deaths.

It is all the more regrettable that these cancers, which are easy to diagnose
early because they are visible to the naked eye, can be avoided thanks to a few

Precautions that are not unanimous since only 56%
of the population say they apply sunscreen, 48% wear a
hat or cap and just over 25% admit to wearing
glasses, seek shade to protect yourself when the sun is
more dangerous (between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.). Champions of neglect, 15-24 year olds
who take no precautions!

The ABC rule to know

At any age, certain gestures must become habits, adopt the ABCDE rule: regularly carry out a complete examination of your moles to identify any changes or the appearance of black spots. Ask someone around you to examine the inaccessible areas (skull, back, back of the legs)

Here are the signs that should alert you:

  • A for asymmetrical shape
  • B for irregular edges
  • C for color, beware of depigmented areas, gray spots,
  • red or blue.
  • D – for diameter (pay attention to the stain if it is more than 6 mm).
  • E for evolution (any change in appearance, even minimal, should alert you).
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Attention, this rule of the Primer does not only concern the grains
of existing beauty. Any sudden abnormal appearance should cause you to
consult a dermatologist who can perform an ablation if necessary.

The information is really hard to pass:
Caution starts in the cradle! No sun exposure for a year,
the skin of cherubs being particularly vulnerable and sunscreen
not enough.

Then, as we know that repeated sunburns
in childhood nest melanomas in adulthood, no exposure
when the sun is at its zenith (between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.) and reinforced protection,
head to toe: light clothing, shorts, T-shirt, wide-brimmed hat,
glasses with UV filter to “CE” standards and sunscreen with
high protection, minimum 30, anti UVA and UVB, depending on your
phototype, which you will apply every two hours, after each

Thus, you will be ready to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of
sun, without “silly sunbathing”! Good holidays !

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