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To relieve headaches and tinnitus, doctors recommend cranial osteopathy. But this treatment also proves to be effective in the treatment of several pathologies. This technique uses gentleness to improve your health and well-being.

What is cranial osteopathy?

I’cranial osteopathy is a treatment that focuses particularly on the skull and its components. It soothes certain disorders while improving the functioning of the craniosacral system. Indeed, in this system, there is a superposition of meninges. Between each layer of these membranes, you will see cerebrospinal fluid. Normally, this liquid animates with a primary respiratory movement while the bones are mobile. This therefore forms a so-called “semi-closed” hydraulic system. However, it can happen that this system is destabilized following an event. This will create pain as well as trouble. This is where cranial osteopathy comes into action. This therapy therefore intervenes in the mobility of the nervous system central as well as bones of the skull. His interest is more in the animation at the level of the cranial box.

Where does this therapy come from?

This approach originated with Dr. William Garner Sutherland in the 1900s. This specialist was the first to detect palpable movement in the tissues and bones of the body. He then called his discovery the primary respiratory mechanism. Despite some controversy, several scholars have continued to study its veracity. Following the discovery of this phenomenon, Dr. Sutherland considers this mechanism as a vital expression of life. In deepening his research, he detects its operation as well as the manipulations to ensure it. Among these manipulations, there are light touches via a cranial osteopathy.

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What are its impacts on the body?

A cranial osteopathy contributes to better health in young and old. Indeed, its effectiveness is known on certain conditions:

  • It soothes the signs of infant colic. Several studies state that this therapy reduces a baby’s irritability and crying due to colic;
  • It contributes to rapid sleep;
  • It impacts sympathetic nervous activity;
  • In a person suffering from fibromyalgia, this treatment offers him a better quality of life;
  • It reduces anxiety;
  • It reduces restlessness in individuals with dementia;
  • It has positive effects in babies with plagiocephaly as well as in people with acute otitis media;
  • According to some research, it also seems to calm dizziness, mild headaches or chewing disorders.

What about his practice?

The cranial osteopathy sessions must always be done by an osteopath who has received training in the craniosacral therapy. In some cases, it is possible to see therapists perform it. For the session, the specialist begins with an analysis of your posture and an anamnesis. By making a light touch, he examines the structures of your skull as well as the state of the membranes. This action will help it detect your primary breathing movement. He also goes on to examine your sacrum, in particular its movement. Via these analyzes and these light contacts, the specialist therefore detects the disorders in your skull.

Using his hands, he will gently unwind the joint membrane tensions. This will cause a slight sensation or pressure in the spine or head. Rest assured, they are not painful. The duration of a session is approximately 1 hour and its number depends on each patient and their reactivity.

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