Tell me which apple you choose and I’ll reveal your personality

The truth is that sometimes we need to remember who we are. This simple test allows you to discover an aspect of your personality that you may not have known about. As we always say, these tests are simple games that can be practiced to break up the daily routine.

Look at the image below and choose an apple, you will find the results to follow:

apple number 1

You are an honest person. What you think, you say. Everything that is in you, you tend to claim it. You don’t hesitate to be exactly who you are. You have your own philosophy of life and you are able to handle the ups and downs better than most people. You are happy because you don’t care too much about things. Your favorite apple is the whole apple.

apple number 2

You are a happy, open and very active person. Variety adds flavor to life. You love adventure so much that it has become a necessity for you. Idleness bores you too much! You are a bit rebellious and like modernity and innovation. Anything new and unusual immediately catches your eye. Your favorite apple is the caramelized apple, seasoned with all kinds of deliciousness.

apple number 3

You are amazing and even if you don’t consider yourself the funniest person in the world, other people find you very interesting. Your optimism, your imagination and your sense of beauty inspire the people around you. They can’t wait to see what you’re up to, what your ideas are, or what your next purchase will be. You are very convincing, even if you don’t try to convince anyone. You have a good reputation and people listen to your advice. Your greatest pleasure will be the homemade apple pie, delicious to look at and tasty.

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apple number 4

Safely navigate the ups and downs of life and deal with them in a zen way. Your thoughts, actions and emotions are very balanced. You are a reserved and somewhat shy person. You prefer to listen rather than talk and do nothing to upset this balance. You always behave correctly and you are very trustworthy, you are not afraid of anything. Your greatest pleasure will be drinking a cup of apple cider. It’s a drink that has all the flavor of the house.

apple number 5

You take pride in knowing that you are one of those people who live life to the fullest. You don’t need to look for adventure, one day is enough. You like to taste, observe, listen. You can turn routine into something extraordinary. As soon as you wake up, you live every minute of it and make it a point of honor. Your greatest pleasure will be making apple pancakes.

apple number 6

You are an intelligent person with a sharp mind. You have lots of ideas and you are hyperactive. You’re not particularly playful, but you can have a lively discussion with anyone if you need to. People think you are a happy person. Your greatest pleasure will be to eat a fresh farm apple, accompanied by homemade cheese. Simple and delicious!


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