Testosterone, vitality, mood, longevity: 6 benefits of physical activity in men

Physical activity is a roll for men’s health and vitality. Of course, six-pack abs and pumped up biceps are great rewards. But more importantly, staying in shape dramatically improves a man’s overall health. Here’s how.

Most men know they need to exercise to burn calories and keep their weight off. And by the way, be at their best. However, the benefits are not limited to appearance. Being in good physical shape helps men live longer, reduces the risk of certain diseases, improves their quality of life and may even help maintain testosterone levels as they age.

A higher testosterone level

Research suggests that exercise can help counteract the drop in testosterone that occurs as men age. In one study, even a modest increase in physical activity raised testosterone levels. This was also true for men who had never exercised before.

A better quality of life

Regular physical activity can improve overall quality of life by helping to relieve tension, depression, anxiety and anger. Most people report an improvement in their overall well-being when they include physical activity in their routine. Research shows that 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day can boost energy levels, the ability to sleep soundly, and self-image in both men and women.

Reduced risk of certain cancers

Men who were physically fit in middle age have a lower cancer risk as they age. Men who are fitter in middle age are less likely to get lung or colorectal cancer as they age. Other research has also shown that physical activity helps reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

The bad news is that men are more likely to have a heart attack than women. The death rate from heart disease is also higher in men than in women. The good news is that regular exercise improves blood circulation. This reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes. Moderate exercise also improves many risk factors for heart disease. Including lower blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure and higher blood sugar.

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Less sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder in which you frequently stop breathing while you sleep. It is associated with an increased risk of diabetes. For men with sleep apnea and diabetes, moderate exercise lowers the risk of death from both diseases.

A longer life

Need another reason to stay in shape? How about a longer life? For men, fitness level can predict lifespan even better than body mass index (BMI). According to a study of over 14,000 men. As a man’s fitness improves, his risk of death from any cause decreases by 15%. And his risk of death from heart disease of 19%. Changing BMI did not show the same benefits.


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