Thai massage therapy and its various advantages

Thai massage balances vital energy. It releases the tensions accumulated by the body. It’s a real work of energy. It brings together different disciplines such as muscle kneading, reflexology, rhythmic acupressure, stretching and acupressure. In fact, it has its origins in Ayurvedic practices, yoga, Chinese medicine, and Buddhism.

It is a therapeutic discipline that consists in providing general well-being and daily health. Like all other massage techniques, it produces real virtues and medicinal benefits. In Thailand, this method is considered a therapeutic treatment and it is practiced even in hospitals.

Thai massage and its first discovery

The birth of Thai massage dates back 2500 years. In fact, it made its appearance following the arrival of Indian Buddhist monks in Thailand at that time.

These people transmitted the art of Thai massage orally. Therapists began to use it around the 1960s. Many practitioners subsequently decided to go to Thailand to learn more about and study this type of massage. Around the world, several schools and fitness centers are teaching this massage.

Considered the oldest type of massage, the thai massage easily enters the therapeutic field. In the West, it is called: yoga massage, Nuat, NuadBo’Rarn or NuadPhaen. Its founder is called “Jivaka KOMARBHACCA”.

Cardiac coherence ensures the health of the heart in particular

Thai massage ensures body flexibility, emotional comfort, muscle relaxation and peace of mind. In fact, it does not neglect the well-being of the whole organism. It relieves back pain, stress, sacro-lumbar pain, headaches and heavy legs. It eliminates bad vibes, negative feelings and melancholy. She allows to fight against insomnia and the sleeping troubles.

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The Thai massage stimulates certain circuits of the meridians and evacuates the tensions the various mental or physical tensions. It also protects the joints.

Thai massage in practice. What happens during a session ?

If you want enjoy a Thai massage, you need to spend a little more time. Indeed, you must prepare yourself because a complete session lasts on average 2 hours. Also make sure you are in good physical condition and have some flexibility to be able to maintain good posture. Then, you must have absolute concentration, clear your mind and channel all your attention to the different postures.

The session always begins with an exchange with the patient and the masseur. Here are the three stages of this massage:

  • The foot massage gives the masseur the first clues needed following the session. This allows him to identify the force he will have to apply later on the other parts of the body.
  • Leg massage stretches the muscles.
  • Upper body and head massage.


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