The 8 Highest Water-Dense Foods That Help Prevent Dehydration

Eating foods that contain water can help you get enough H2O. You’ve probably heard the advice to drink at least eight 12-ounce glasses of water every day. But do you know that some of the water you get comes from food.

That said, you still need to drink water during the day to avoid health risks. According to a January 2019 article in Nutrients, proper hydration is important for maintaining cognition, reducing the risk of kidney stones, and managing weight. Women who consume about 2.7 liters of water per day and men who consume about 3.7 liters per day (in the form of liquid and food) are considered to be adequately hydrated.

The exact amount you need also depends on factors such as age, gender, activity level, pregnancy and breastfeeding. The good news for those who struggle to sip H2O all day: The foods you eat play an important role in your hydration. About 20% of the body’s hydration needs come from food. These foods are not only hydrating, they are also nutritious and provide various nutrients including vitamins and fiber.

Another advantage: you don’t have to think too much. If you have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, this shouldn’t be difficult. To achieve this goal, you can follow proven nutritional advice by striving to eat two to three servings of fruit and five or more servings of vegetables daily.

That said, some foods are more hydrating than others. Foods that rehydrate are usually those that contain the most water. Just keep in mind that the fruit or vegetable will lose water if cooked. To optimize the moisturizing aspect of these foods, it is best to eat them raw or undercooked. And for an optimal effect, the most moisturizing possible, enjoy these foods with a glass of water. While it’s important to eat your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, don’t use that excuse to skimp on water.


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Here are eight of the most hydrating foods and some ideas for enjoying them.

1 Eat cucumbers instead of fries for a hydrating snack

Cucumber, which is 95% water, is one of the most hydrating foods around. This green vegetable is not just a salad garnish. For example, try dipping cucumber slices in sauce or hummus instead of chips, or making fresh cucumber soup for a refreshing summer appetizer. Be sure to keep the skin on to get the most vitamins and minerals.

2 stalks of celery

There isn’t much to say about it. Celery is low in calories (just 15 calories for four sticks) and other vitamins and minerals, but it’s very hydrating and consists mostly of water. Celery sticks can be boring to eat on their own, but there are ways to make them more filling. So you can dip them in a homos.

3 Watermelon is the perfect addition to a summer salad

This refreshing summer fruit is full of water. Watermelon is high in water and low in calories (only 46 calories for a cup). It is welcome in many summer dishes and lends itself well to gazpacho and fruit salads. Watermelon also goes very well in an arugula and mint salad.

4 Melon offers hydrating potassium and is also excellent in a fruit salad

Although watermelon is the most obvious hydrating melon, don’t overlook other smart choices, like melon. A one-cup serving of melon contains 427 milligrams (mg) of potassium, making it a good source of this nutrient. Potassium is important for hydration. It is an electrolyte, which means it helps the body balance its water content. You can eat the melon on its own or in a fruit salad or add it to smoothies.

5 Strawberries contain a surprising amount of water

This red, sweet fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, with almost 100 mg in a cup of slices. But that’s not all: Strawberries are also incredibly hydrating and contain 91% water. You can dip chunks of fruit in melted chocolate or add them to chia seed pudding for a nutritious dessert.

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6 Lettuce to Increase Your Water Intake

All types of lettuce (and other greens like kale and spinach) are high in water, but iceberg lettuce is the most hydrating at 95% water by weight. The most obvious way to enjoy it is to cut it into a salad.

7 Tomatoes, however you eat them, are also hydrating

Tomatoes contain about 94% water. And, like melon, they are a source of potassium, offering 292 mg in a medium tomato. Luckily, they’re as versatile as they are delicious. You can enjoy them in pasta sauce, stew, fresh salsa, gazpacho, or simply sliced, sprinkled with a touch of salt and pepper.

8 Bell Peppers Are Hydrating Low Carb Foods

Peppers are approximately 94% water. Use diced bell peppers to add crunch to salads, or large slices to replace chips and serve as hummus or sauce. Stuffed peppers are also a great appetizer option, but remember that they will lose some of their hydrating benefits while baking.


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