The BA-BA of psychotherapy

Clinically, psychotherapy treats mental and emotional disorders. It treats the behavioral deficiencies and the psychological distress of the patient. Psychotherapy sessions aim to identify the trigger. Psychotherapy improves the psychological and affective conditions of the person. It allows to have significant changes at the cognitive, behavioral and emotional level. It also aims to correct the overall state of mind.

Psychotherapy helps the patient to cope with the difficulties of everyday life. It allows him to live more serenely. For more complex cases, the psychotherapist use more resources. In all cases, healing methods can be physical or spiritual. In general, medication accompanies the treatment.

psychotherapy in history

The beginnings of the psychotherapy date back to the time of Sigmund Freud. Himself a victim of social unrest, he is developing a new instrument of criticism and care. This famous neurologist sets up this discipline that is psychoanalysis. She relates the relationship between doctor and patient through speech.

Years of theories and studies allowed Freud to implement this practice. It was after studying in Paris with JM Charcot that he became aware of the importance of body language. It connects the psyche, the unconscious and the somatic articulation. The psychology still remains a very complex field, since it mainly affects the neurological field. Modern medicine is still considering its scope and field of action.

Why practice psychotherapy?

It provides support with the aim offacing and overcoming fears. The specific techniques used by the psychotherapist allow the patient to change his way of thinking and his way of acting. In most cases, it promotes self-confidence and reduces stress. In this sense, it modifies the interpersonal structure and corrects neuropsychological dysfunctions.

Psychotherapy works in a progressive way. It goes at the patient’s pace and needs. She advocates verbal or non-verbal communication. In this way, the patient feels confident and offers more or less personal information. This information makes it possible to know the patient better and to better treat the problem.

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Psychotherapy sessions allow recover from psychological suffering. It reduces anxiety, stress, post-traumatic pain or even depression. Psychotherapy eliminates dark thoughts and behaviors harmful to well-being. It makes us aware of what we need to move forward better.

What is a psychotherapy session like?

Psychotherapy is based on different principles. We find the psychoanalysis (analytical therapy), the behavioral therapy, brief therapy, interpersonal therapy, body-mind therapy, systemic therapy and existential therapy. In general, therapy is practiced in a calm and comforting environment. It reassures the patient and gives him confidence. The framework includes the location of the therapy, the regularity of the sessions and their duration.


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