The back of the shoulder: an important muscle often overlooked

With all the attention paid to the pectorals, the front of the shoulder is for most of us quite developed compared to the other 2 bundles of the shoulder. The back of the shoulder, a muscle not visible in front of the mirror, is one of the forgotten ones.
The imbalance between the 3 bundles of the shoulders can lead to significant conflicts at the level of the rotator cuff. In addition, having an overdeveloped shoulder front compared to others gives you a bad posture, like stooping.
Whether this muscle is a weak point for you or just a neglect of your training, here are some tips that will be very useful to rebalance your shoulders and avoid injuries.

1. Do exercises such as the lumberjack at the end of your back workout

The back of the shoulder is very stressed on the day you train the back. Why not take the opportunity to add one or two exercises targeting them specifically at the end of your session? The different rows are notorious for taxing the back of the shoulder directly. Incorporate them into your routine!

2. Giving priority to a muscle also means working it several times a week

As long as you respect an adequate rest period between your sessions and that you do not chain a back day and a shoulder day consecutively, you can effectively stimulate the back of the shoulders intensively twice a day. week.

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3. Attack your shoulder session with exercises that work the back

When you start your session with a muscle, it is favored because your energy levels are at their highest. He will therefore progress faster than the others. The first trick is to perform a few series on an isolation movement for the back of the shoulder before doing the side and front beams. The second, which is often the most used, is pre-fatigue: we do an isolation exercise for the back immediately followed by a polyarticular exercise such as the military press. You will surely have less strength on the second exercise but you will reduce the risk of injury and considerably strengthen the rotator cuff.

4. Explode them with escalation techniques

Here are some techniques that apply very well to the back of the shoulder to stimulate hypertrophy:

Forced repetitions: best performed with exercises like dumbbell bird and pec deck, or reverse butterfly. Your training partner helps you with the last repetitions when you start to struggle.

Decreasing series: very easy to perform with dumbbells, machines or any pulley exercise. Just reduce the load by 25% when you fail and reattack immediately, until you fail again.

Supersets: two back-of-the-shoulder movements performed consecutively with minimal rest between sets. The rest is authorized only after these 2 consecutive series.

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