The basics of an anti-cancer diet

The human body is a marvel of nature, an organism of incredible complexity in which 60,000 billion cells cooperate with each other to ensure the proper functioning of the organism and the maintenance of good health.

To achieve such a degree of cooperation, the cell must be very precisely programmed so that its actions are in perfect harmony with those of the other cells.

Unfortunately, it happens that errors occur in this program and that cells no longer accept to play their role in the body: we then speak of cancer cells, cells that have become independent and that only think about multiplying. and invade the tissues.

We all have tumors

The appearance of these abnormal cells is unfortunately a phenomenon that occurs very frequently during our life, which causes the development of small microscopic tumors in our tissues. For example, studies show that 33% of women aged 40 to 50 have microtumors in their breast and that 40% of men of the same age have microtumors in their prostate.

Worse, 98% of people have thyroid microtumors! In other words, each of us carries within him latent tumors that only require a favorable environment to develop to a mature stage… With the immense risks that this excessive growth can entail for health.

Fortunately for us, the appearance of these microtumors does not mean that cancer will necessarily develop during our lifetime. It can take years and even decades from the time a microtumor is formed to the appearance of cancer detectable by doctors.

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This slowness of cancer to develop is very important, because it offers us a golden opportunity to intervene concretely in order to reduce the probability of being affected by cancer. Because if we can not do anything against the spontaneous appearance of these microtumors, it is however possible to actively participate in preventing them from developing and reaching a size that could endanger our lives.

The influence of what we eat

The composition of the diet plays a key role in preventing the development of microtumors at the mature stage of cancer. For example, many fruits and vegetables as well as certain drinks contain powerful anticancer molecules that create a hostile environment for these microtumors and successfully prevent them from growing.

Conversely, a lack of fruit and vegetables or a diet containing too many foods with a high content of carcinogenic substances (smoked meats and cold meats, for example) create an environment more favorable to the growth of these microscopic tumors and increase the risk of developing into cancer.

Eating is not an act without consequences for health. On the contrary, integrating into your diet foods rich in anti-cancer compounds while reducing the intake of bad foods is one of the most concrete things you can do to avoid cancer. We must see cancer as a chronic disease that must be controlled on a daily basis, using anticancer molecules of food origin that interfere with its growth.

Preventing cancer with a diet rich in anticancer molecules is therefore equivalent to daily non-toxic chemotherapy that fights cancer at the source before it threatens the integrity of the body.

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Food to prevent cancer

The principle is to continually attack the microtumors that form spontaneously in our tissues using anti-cancer molecules present in certain foods.

Cancer-fighting foods to favor

  • – Vegetables from the cabbage family Vegetables from the garlic family Soya- Tomatoes
  • – Grapes and small red fruits- Citrus fruits- Green tea- Dark chocolate (70% cocoa minimum)
  • Foods to Avoid
  • – Pickled foods
  • – Smoked foods
  • – Fried foods
  • – Processed foods


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