The bellis Perennis heals the bruise and the feeling of soreness

Bellis Perennis is a weed that can also be called garden daisy, daisy, Easter flower or small daisy. A perennial plant belonging to the Asteraceae family and which settles naturally in the pastures and meadows of Europe. It is from the whole flowering plant that the mother tincture is prepared.

Bellis Perennis refers to an ultra mild homeopathic strain that helps you heal breast bruises. These disorders can appear following a trauma, an examination, a shock, a childbirth or a surgical operation. We will see immediately after all its virtues.

What can the homeopathic remedy “Bellis Perennis” be used for?

The Bellis perennis defines a strain and a medicine (homeopathic) that solves different problems. In fact, it solves the venous congestion of the lower limbs, feelings of stiffness, bruising and painful hematomas. Like Arnica montana, it is also recommended in the case of bruises. It relieves pain in the pelvic and abdominal muscles.

This homeopathic remedy has an action anti-ecchymotic, anti-inflammatory, painkiller, anti-infectious and analgesic. It can combat multiple diseases like nasopharyngitis, bump, pains, nausea and urolithiasis. Very useful in trauma to the pelvis, breast or coccyx and for individuals suffering from body aches.

How many granules should you take so as not to overdo it?

To be taken without any food intake, this homeopathic strain should also be taken away from spices, mint, coffee and tobacco. Melt under the tongue the doses globules and granules which are based on lactose and sucrose. Indication of intake: 4 to 5 CH (5 granules morning, noon and evening). A treatment to be taken for a whole week. Nursing mothers can use it safely and without fear of side effects. Same principle and same indication for women during pregnancy. In fact, it relieves painful varicose veins during the gestation period.

The Bellis Perennis can be combined with other treatments. For example, to treat trauma to the breast due to blows, this remedy can be taken in combination with another strain such as Conium maculatum (7 to 9 CH). Take 5 pellets, 4 times a day for 7 days. In case of shock to the coccyx, in addition to Bellis perennis, you can take Hypericum perforatum 15 to 30 CH. This time, take 5 pellets every thirty minutes and as you progress. The duration of treatment remains the same: one week.

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Bellis perennis also comes in the form of ointments and drinkable solutions (in ampoules and drops).


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