The benefits of Ammonium carbonicum in homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that uses many homeopathic remedies to treat various diseases. The method is based on the principle of similarity. Each of the remedies has its own origins which can be animal, vegetable, mineral or chemical. But it is also possible to obtain it by synthesis.

Ammonium carbonicum is commonly known as ammonium carbonate. It is a synthetic product. On the presentation side, it has the shape of translucent crystals. Its smell is strong due to the presence of ammonia.

The existing forms for Ammonium carbonicum are doses and granules. These basic materials are similar to those of others having the same shape. That is, sucrose and lactose.

Circumstances when this remedy should be used

The therapeutic indications of this remedy are multiple despite its limited field of action. It is indicated in case of acute coryza having an obstructive or hemorrhagic tendency. It’s a very useful remedy in case of cardiac asthma, gingivitis and menorrhagia.

These other therapeutic indications are as follows:

  • Dyspnea in respiratory failure.
  • Dark hemorrhages: manifested by epistaxis, purpura, petechiae and ecchymosis.

How to use Ammonium carbonicum correctly in homeopathy?

Recommended dose:

The dosage and duration of treatment is not the same if it comes to different ailments. It depends on the source and the severity of the disease. But the dilution is stable for this remedy regardless of the duration of treatment.

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It is necessary to take in dilution 9 CH this remedy in the event of haemorrhages of dark coloring, coryzas and gingivitis. The dilution is also the same for treat menorrhagia. Thus, the strain of Ammonium carbonicum is taken three times a day for a week.

To treat cardiac asthma and dyspnea, this remedy should be taken three times a day. The dilution to use is 9 CH and the duration of the treatment is 3 months.

Indications on the use and mode of consumption of Ammonium carbonicum:

Like the directions for all other homeopathic remedies, we take theAmmonium carbonicium without food. But also apart from mint, coffee and tobacco. It is not difficult to consume. We just let the doses and the granules melt under the tongue. And if it is an infant, these two existing forms can be dissolved in a little water. Thus, its consumption will be even easier.

Pregnant women and women in the breastfeeding phase are not warned against this remedy. This means that it can be used during pregnancy but also during breastfeeding.

After a few periods of use, the patient should observe a great improvement in his condition. Otherwise, you should consult a doctor immediately.


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