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Homeopathy is a therapeutic method. It consists in giving the patient substances in an infinitesimal dose. In healthy people, these substances can induce disease if the amount is high. The origin of these substances is diverse. They can come from animals, plants and minerals. They can also be produced by synthesis, or can simply be chemical elements. Its prescription is reserved for healthcare professionals in France. Prescription which must still precede an observation and an interrogation of a minimum duration of half an hour. Calcarea fluorica is a chemical element with the formula CaF2. It is in the form of a white powder. In French, this remedy is known as magnesium fluoride. Practically, magnesium fluoride is an insoluble compound in water.

the homeopathic remedy from this strain can take several forms. It can be taken in the form of 6 DH dilution tablets, doses or granules. The basic materials, making up the doses and the granules are sucrose and lactose

What are the therapeutic indications of Calcarea fluorica?

Unlike the remedy of general action, this remedy has a limited action. These actions more or less correspond to make up for the deficiency or excess of fluoride. However, these therapeutic indications are numerous.

On the one hand, it can be used in all bony growths. Such as osteoarthritis bone deformities and cysts. It is also useful in case of fibrosis of the different organs and indurations. Fibrosis is manifested by the fibrous transformation of the effective tissue. While the indurations are in the form of nodules or tumors.

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On the other hand, it is prescribed in case ofskeletal asymmetry or scoliosis and hyper laxity of the ligaments or dislocations. It is especially indicated in people of fluoric constitution. That is to say people with morphological irregularity and skeletal asymmetry. The characteristics of these people are: undisciplined, methodical temperament and excessive financial concerns.

How to use this homeopathic remedy correctly?

It is taken apart from mint, coffee, meals and also tobacco. To consume them, you just have to let the granules and doses melt under your tongue. These forms can be dissolved in water if they are infants. Thus, it is a remedy that can be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If there is no rapid improvement, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Just as a consultation is obligatory if one wants to deal with the growths. This is to confirm these benign characters.

It is only a background treatment in people with many similarities to this remedy. Thus, whatever the ailments, the dosage for all these therapeutic indications is similar. It’s a dose of Calcarea fluorica 15 CH to be taken on Sunday every 15 days.


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