The benefits of Chamomilla vulgaris in homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a very widespread therapeutic method in the world. It is even prescribed by doctors in Europe. The substances used or more precisely the homeopathic remedies come from several sources. There are strains of animal, mineral, chemical and vegetable origin. But it is also possible to manufacture the strain by the synthetic route.

Chamomilla vulgaris is a plant of the Asteraceae family. It is commonly known as wild chamomile or German chamomile. German chamomile is bushy. It has an aromatic smell. It is a very abundant plant throughout Europe. It is the mother tincture of the whole plant that is used to make the remedy.

Three forms exist for this remedy: doses, granules and suppositories in 9 CH. The first two forms are based on lactose and sucrose.

Under what circumstances can we use this therapeutic remedy?

These main therapeutic indications are pain, fever and teething. Thus, it is recommended in case of pain during infant teething. Also, it calms fevers caused by teething.

But you can also use it in capricious children. That is to say children who want for example a toy and then they reject it when they got it. As well as in adults who are easily irritable, hypersensitive to pain and nervous. These are particularly individuals pushing strong anger. Anger that is sometimes accompanied by aggression when usually it is someone rather calm.

How to use Chamomilla vulgaris correctly in homeopathy?

Regarding the mode of consumption, the indications are similar to the other homeopathic remedies. That is to say, it is taken apart from coffee, mint, tobacco and meals. But also that the granules and the doses are to be left to melt under the tongue. When it is for infants, they can be dissolved in a little water. It is a remedy that can be used during pregnancy but also during breastfeeding.

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In case of pain during teething, take 5 pellets of 15 CH. It should be taken every 15 to 30 minutes when the pain peaks. It must be spaced out afterwards, as improvements are made. The treatment is repeated with each episode of pain.

A fever is treated with 5 granules with a dilution of 9 CH. It is taken morning, noon and evening for 2 days.

For solve the problem of behavioral problems, we must take 5 granules of dilution 15 CH. This is the dose to take for the first 15 days. During the 1 month after, the dose and the number of doses are 5 granules every other day. As for the 2 remaining months of treatment, 1 dose is taken every Sunday.


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