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Homeopathic remedies have various origins. These origins can be chemical, animal or vegetable. They can also be obtained synthetically. But the majority comes from the plant kingdom.

Coffea cruda is a shrub native to Ethiopia and Arabia. In French, it is known as green coffee. This plant is a species of the Rubiaceae family. The main active ingredient in coffee is called “caffeine”. Mother tinctures are made from these dried green seeds. These integuments are removed.

The available forms of this remedy are based on lactose and sucrose. There are only granule forms and doses.

In which cases should Coffea cruda be used?

Unlike the general action remedy, this remedy has a limited action. It is mainly indicated in case of sleeping troubles thanks to these characteristics. Troubles can be caused by ideas and thoughts flowing in with great rapidity. But brain hyperactivity is also one of these major causes. They mostly occur as a result of a strong emotion. Various symptoms can accompany the disorders. Like tremors, irritability, restlessness, palpitations and tachycardia.

Note that this remedy is characterized by a difficulty falling asleep and a commotion before midnight. Also nocturnal awakenings after three in the morning. Because of the nights interspersed with awakenings, one has a feeling of confusion and drunkenness on waking.

It is also indicated in case of intolerance to pain, whether psychological or physical. Just as in the case of gynecological disorders manifested by vaginal hypersensitivities and vulvar itching.

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How is Coffea cruda correctly used as a homeopathic remedy?

the Coffea cruda remedy is to be taken without food, coffee, tobacco and mint. The mode of consumption is easy. We only let the granules and doses melt under the tongue. It is a remedy that can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Recommended dosage

For treat sleep disorders due to cerebral hyperactivity, take 5 granules of 9 CH at bedtime. You can renew the dose in case of nocturnal awakenings and difficulty falling asleep. The treatment lasts 1 month.

Intolerable pain such as migraines, dental pain or unbearable nerve pain have the same dosage. We take 5 granules of 15 CH from the beginning of the crisis. If necessary, the intake can be repeated.

As to gynecological disorders, they are treated with 5 pellets of 5 or 7 CH. It should be taken as soon as the symptoms begin and then on demand.

However, if a rapid improvement does not appear, one should immediately consult a doctor.


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