The benefits of green foods

Nature is well made, it tends to organize its elements according to criteria of similarity (colors, structures etc.), species, groups or families can therefore be distinguished. This is particularly useful in food because it allows humans to better organize and catalog their food. Among these many groups, we find that of “green foods”.

A green food is a food whose green part is edible, this includes all foods that meet this criterion except pulses, starches or oilseeds (peas, beans, avocado etc.). Some of the best-known green foods include: Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce, fennel and spirulina.

NB: Certain foods, of an edible part of a color other than green, are considered green foods.


Most green foods have the same qualities, we note mainly:

  • Fiber richness
  • High content of minerals and trace elements
  • High vitamin content
  • Low calorie
  • Facilitation of nutrient absorption
  • Detoxifying and invigorating effect thanks to antioxidants
  • Acid-base balance
  • Ease of digestion

Added to this are the practical advantages of these, they can be eaten raw or adapted in different ways (juice, smoothie, gratin etc.).


Due to their structure, some green foods are fragile, their storage time may be limited and their preparation must be quite subtle, make sure to adopt the right preservation methods for each of these foods and cooking techniques. the most optimal to preserve their benefits.

It is recommended to leave them in a cool and slightly humid environment (vegetable drawer of the fridge), this low humidity is insufficient for mold to form but necessary to prevent food from drying out. As for cooking, some foods are better eaten raw, but it is possible to preserve their benefits through steaming, or rapid and intense cooking followed by a cold water bath to stop the effect. heat.

Green foods are safe bets in the diet of humans, apart from a few rare cases of allergies, they have no contraindications, on the contrary, their therapeutic benefits, beyond the placebo effects, are approved and recommended by science.

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