The benefits of using Carbo Vegetabilis in homeopathy.

Carbo vegetabilis comes from vegetable charcoal called Carbo ligni officinalis or also officinal vegetable charcoal. Essentially, this charcoal is obtained by calcining white wood without resins. These woods are, for example, willows, poplars or birches. They have absorbent properties.

There are only two available forms of this remedy: doses and granules. These granules and these doses are based on lactose and sucrose.

Under what conditions is this remedy usable?

The therapeutic indications of this homeopathic remedy are numerous. As in case of digestive disorders which result in subumbilical flatulence. This flatulence is aggravated by the ingestion of fatty foods and alcohol. The hot flashes localized to the face just after taking alcoholic beverages can be treated with. As well as coughs characterized by choking. It is found in particular in bronchospasms and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Among these manifestations is the chronic bronchitisemphysema and asthma.

These other therapeutic indications are laryngitis associated with hoarseness. These hoarseness tend to worsen in the evening and also by humidity. There are also skin disorders characterized by atonic ulcers and varicose hypodermatitis.

It is also effective for pressure ulcer prevention.

How to correctly use Carbo vegetabilis in homeopathy?

Carbo vegetabilis is taken apart from coffee, tobacco, meals and mint. The granules and the doses are left to dissolve under the tongue. This is his mode of consumption. As for infants, they can dissolve these forms in a little water. It is a remedy that can be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, if there is no rapid improvement in symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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Flatulence and facial flushing treated with the same dosage. You must take 5 granules of 5 CH 1 hour before meals for 2 months.

5 granules of a dilution of 15 CH in the morning and evening soothe the respiratory disorders. As for laryngitis treatments, take 5 granules of 7 CH morning and evening for a week.

This remedy should be taken as soon as possible in case of bronchospasm. This is to avoid the aggravation of the crisis. The appropriate dose is 15 to 30 CH. The use of a bronchodilator is essential in this case.

5 granules of 9 CH to be taken in the morning, noon and evening can prevent bedsores. The similar quantity can also cure skin conditions. The catch must be done within a period of 1 month. However, it is interesting to associate it with Secale cornutum or Arsenicum when preventing bedsores.


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