The best abs workout

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The best abs workout

It is often said that abs are earned in the kitchen, because it is precisely the level of body fat that determines the degree of visibility of the famous “six-pack”. If muscle definition plays an undeniable role, training in this area must nevertheless be effective enough to have a flat stomach and toned and clearly visible abs.

How do you train to get abs? The key lies in the consistency of a program and the ability to repeat it over time.

We therefore offer you this training program to build beautiful abs. It is composed of 7 carefully selected exercises to target upper and lower abdominal muscles. Do this workout 3 times a week and enjoy the results!

The program for the abdominals

When and how ?

When and how to do your abs?

How to do this workout?

We advise beginners to perform only 3 of the 7 exercises proposed and do 5 rounds, with 1 minute rest between each. From there, add one exercise to your circuit each week until you can complete the full circuit.

A reasonable goal is to be able to do all 7 exercises in a large circuit all at once, rest for a minute, and repeat it 2 more times.

feel free to vary the exercises and divide the workout in different ways so you don’t get bored and keep progressing.

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For example :

Repeat 3 times:

  • Exercise 1 and 2, rest 30 sec
  • Exercise 3 and 4, rest 30 sec
  • Exercise 5 and 6, rest 30 sec
  • Exercise 7, rest 60 sec

Note that there is no direct work on the obliques. Indeed, soliciting them directly only leads to obtaining a larger size, especially since they are sufficiently recruited in a number of bodybuilding exercises such as the squat or the deadlift.

When to work your abs?

To get the best results from this workout, we recommend do it at least 3 times a week. More experienced athletes can do it more often.
You can do your abs block at the start of the session, as a warm-up for example, or place it afterwards. The choice is yours.

How do I increase or decrease the difficulty of this workout?

If you can’t do an exercise, for example due to lower back pain, feel free to replace it with an exercise that doesn’t bother you with your mobility.

If, on the other hand, this circuit seems too easy for you, do it with additional loads (disc or dumbbell), especially on the crunch and the reverse crunch.

How to perform the exercises?

Exercise 1: Sit-ups

Exercise 2: Straight leg raises

Exercise 3: Jackknife Sit-Up

Exercise 4: Bent leg raise

Exercise 5: V-Up

Exercise 6: Crunch

Exercise 7: Reverse Crunch

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