The best cardio to burn fat


Cardio to burn fat

Cardio! For some, this word causes apprehension, with the mental image of endless hours spent on a treadmill. For others, cardio is a moment of escape, a therapeutic activity that benefits well-being and health. At any rate it is a very effective option for burning fat!


High intensity cardio

The cardio static

There are two dominant approaches to improving your cardiovascular fitness: static cardio and high-intensity cardio. Static cardio is by far the most common form of cardio. It involves maintaining a certain heart rate (40 to 60% max heart rate) for a certain period of time. Walking, jogging, rowing and swimming are all examples of cardio statics. Workouts typically last 30-60 minutessometimes more.

High intensity cardio / HIIT

High-intensity cardio has grown in popularity in recent years. It consists of performing high-intensity activities (up to 95% of FCM) for short periods, followed by a decrease in intensity or rest. Most HIIT workouts can be done in 20 minutes or less. Sprinting, circuit training, Tabata workouts, and even soccer are examples of good high-intensity cardio exercises.

The stamina in question

There are two types of cardiovascular endurance: aerobic and anaerobic. aerobic endurance (with oxygen) is generally associated with cardio static. Aerobic exercise is performed at a low enough intensity level that oxygen is always available to the muscles. anaerobic exerciselike HIIT, is performed at such a high level of intensity that the body relies on ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and glycogen stores for energy.


Do the cardio you want

HIIT requires a lot of energy

Although HIIT cardio is more effective at burning fat, it is important to take the measure of the effort it requires. High-intensity cardio requires significantly more energy (calories) and more recovery time than static cardio. If your goal is muscle building, cardio static will usually be a better option. Professional bodybuilders avoid HIIT before competitions due to their dietary calorie deficit. They prefer cardio static to help reduce excess body fat without affecting muscle growth or inhibiting recovery.

HIIT burns more fat

Does this mean that people who restrict their caloric intake to lose weight should avoid high-intensity cardio? Not at all. You’ll just have to make sure you’re consuming enough calories so you don’t lose your precious muscle mass. A 20-minute high-intensity cardio workout burns as many calories as a 60-minute static effort, and burns fat for more than 24 hours following the session. This means that you are able to increase your caloric intake and burn as much fat – or more – with high-intensity cardio as with static cardio.

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The most effective cardio for you

There is one incredibly important factor to consider that no clinical study can determine for you: the best form of cardio is the one you enjoy! Although HIIT is more effective for fat loss, it’s not a good long-term strategy if you dread the activity or avoid it.


cardio program for weight loss

Here are 2 cardio workout suggestions for weight loss. Try to include these kinds of sessions at least twice a week to optimize fat loss.


Duration : 30 mins
calories burned : up to 1200 calories (varies)
Equipment required: a track or a treadmill

  • Set your treadmill to an incline of 3 degrees and start running at a speed of 10km/h

  • After 1 minute, increase the speed to 15 km/h.

  • Keep running for 3 minutes.

  • Increase the speed to 20km/h and continue sprinting for 30 seconds.

  • Slow down to 15 km/h and continue running for 3 minutes

  • After 3 minutes, sprint for 30 seconds.


Duration : 30 mins
calories burned : 200-300
Equipment required : rower

  • Grasp the handle and sit on the rower.

  • Place your feet on the footrest. Keep your spine straight, shoulders back, and chest open.

  • Engage your core and posterior muscles, then pull the handle or bar toward your abs.

  • Stop when your elbows are behind you. Press your shoulder blades together.

  • Make sure you don’t lean back.

  • Return to starting position.

  • Do the exercise for 30 minutes, at about 60% of your Maximum Heart Rate.

    advice : Make sure you are using the correct resistance and technique for this exercise.

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