The best cereals for breakfast

According to nutrition experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Before starting the day and refueling, you have to eat properly, avoid pitfalls and choose the best foods.

The criteria to take into account to choose the best cereals

Focus on the different types of cereals

In supermarkets, there are four large types of cereals including petals, exploded, puffed and extruded.

  • Corn, wheat and barley grains are included in the list of cereal flakes. They are steamed after harvest then dried, cooled, flattened and grilled. They are then coated with sweet substances such as sugar, honey or chocolate.
  • Bursts are grains of cooked rice, mixed in malt, salt and sugar. They are then dried, crushed and roasted at high temperature.
  • Puffs refer to airy grains of corn, wheat or rice. The air blown inside the grain pushes the wall and increases its volume. The products obtained are then coated with sugary materials and then dried in dry, hot air.
  • Extruded cereals are cereals obtained from flours. It is a kind of paste, cooked at high temperatures and high pressures.

What to choose among these four types of cereals?

Extruded, puffed, popped cereals and cereal flakes are all refined products. They undergo a number of transformations. For them to be digestible, you have to remove their envelope and cook them. These transformations lead to significant losses of nutrients and substances beneficial to health. It is for this reason that whole grains are often recommended. Considered as the best cerealsthey have retained their germ and their cellulose envelope, essential to be able to take full advantage of the nutritional richness of the cereal. They contain:

  • Carbohydrates, best sources of energy,
  • Vitamin E,
  • Mineral substances and trace elements such as calcium, copper, magnesium,
  • Diastases essential for a good digestive diet,
  • The cellulose envelope contains fibers that promote satiety and improve transit,
  • Vegetable proteins essential for the construction of the body,
  • Proteins in the form of very varied amino acids,
  • Vitamin B which facilitates the assimilation of sugars contained in cereals,
  • Lipids, made up of unsaturated fatty acids.
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Refined grains – significant consequences for health

Apart from the fact that the refined cereals contain few nutrients, they are also full of substances harmful to health. The first is sugar. In fact, processed cereals have a high glycemic index. This promotes the weight gain and the development of diseases such as obesity, hypertension or diabetes. To limit the risks, be wary of slogans and advertising messages. It is better to take the time to look at the labels to make the right choice of the best cereals.

The 5 Best Whole Grains

whole rye

Rye is on the list of the best cereals to include in breakfast. Low in calories, the acronym provides a dietary fiber much higher than the fibers present in whole wheat. It is the best choice for purifying the blood and reduce bad cholesterol. This cereal also contains vitamin A and folic acid.


Also called buckwheat, buckwheat is on the list of healthy cereals. This cereal contains linoleic acid or omega 3, minerals such as iron and copper and also group B vitamins. Buckwheat is also distinguished by its high magnesium content, an essential element for correctly assimilating calcium. People who want to lose weight can consume this cereal. It will act by activating the metabolism in order to burn fateliminate toxins and regulate the level of glucose in the blood.


Barley is on the list of best cereals for eliminate bad cholesterol. There are several varieties and whole barley remains the best choice. This product is marketed in organic stores. Apart from the nutrients it contains, barley is also distinguished by its delicious taste.

wild rice

This whole grain has grown in popularity in recent years. Among the best cereals, wild rice is very nutritious and offers many health benefits. It is a good source of magnesium. It participates in bone development, the construction of proteins and enzymatic reactions. It is also essential for the muscle contraction and the proper functioning of the immune system.

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It is a super element that everyone, even those who follow a slimming diet, can eat. Oats are particularly recommended for breakfasts. It contains vitamins and amino acids, beneficial for the liver and the heart. Oats also contain fibers that promote intestinal transit. Fiber also helps fight constipation. Compared to other cereals, oats are the cereal intended for people with diabetes. It should also be noted that this cereal has a high protein index, promoting tissue regeneration. It is also effective in fighting against bad cholesterol.


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