The best naturopathic advice to prevent kidney stones

We do not feel them coming, until the terrible hyper-painful crisis that sees their expulsion. Kidney stones grow due to an unbalanced terrain, poor diet and a lifestyle that promotes their aggregation in the kidneys. Naturopathy has very complete solutions to prevent them.

Also called nephrolithiasis, a kidney stone is a small “stone” that forms in the kidney or sometimes in the bladder, generally when there is an excess of blood waste to be evacuated by the kidneys and insufficient hydration. Today, we see an increase in this pathology because it is closely linked to lifestyle.

The calculations are mainly calcium in naturebut also composed ofUric acid. They can more rarely be linked to chronic urinary tract infections or a genetic anomaly.

Most often, they are eliminated spontaneously without symptoms but sometimes they are too large and block the duct which connects the kidney to the bladder: this is called renal colic.

Symptoms appear when the stone migrates through the urinary tract. There is usually a pain unilateral in the back, sudden and very intense, which radiates to the lower abdomen, the groin and often also to the genital area. Blood in the urine, nausea, an urgent urge to urinate may also be present or even fever and burning when urinating if there is an infection: in this case, it is important to consult a doctor very quickly.

In the majority of cases, kidney stones form when a lack of hydration is associated with poor food and poor hygiene. The blood waste to be evacuated by the kidneys is then in excess and the concentration of the urine becomes too high. An increased risk is also observed when taking certain medications, or high-dose calcium or vitamin C food supplements.

The advice of naturopathy in prevention is to hydrate sufficiently, to have a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, with just the right amount of protein and calcium, and finally to exercise regularly.


If the water intake is insufficient, the volume of urine decreases and the concentration of salts increases, causing an increased risk of crystallization. It is therefore advisable to stay well hydrated, by drinking low-mineralized water regularly during the day.

The daily amount of water to drink is individual because it depends on:

  • food (fruits and vegetables bring a lot of water),
  • other drinks consumed,
  • sweating (high temperature, physical exercise, hot flashes, etc.)
  • and also corpulence, if you are a man or a woman…

The amount of liquids to ingest daily is around 2 liters, to be adapted for each person. Official recommendations are often superior. For naturopaths, drinking too much, or drinking too large amounts at once, puts the kidneys to work unnecessarily and can cause minerals to leak out. The naturopathic advice is to drink spring water as soon as you are thirsty, more if you sweat, and to adjust your consumption to the color of your urine during the day: In the absence of certain drugs or food supplements, they must be very pale yellow. If they’re clear, you’re drinking too much and dark, you’re not drinking enough.

On the other hand, during the painful crisis of renal colic, it will be the opposite. It will be necessary to reduce its consumption of liquids if the calculation is blocked in the ureter by preventing the urine from passing: drinking would then increase the volume of urine and therefore the pain.


For a good prevention of stones, the diet will be largely provided with fruits and vegetables to increase the share of potassium and thereby reduce calcium excretion. Potatoes (with the skin), bananas, avocado, hearts of palm, almonds, dried apricots, etc. will be favored in particular. The diet will also be rich in magnesium. Avoid excess salt.

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It will also be essential to don’t eat too much protein. Excess protein is an important dietary factor in the formation of kidney stones by increasing uric acid and the presence of calcium in the urine. For this, you can make only one protein meal a day.

And finally, the contribution calcium should be optimal, neither too much nor too little (about 800mg per day).

Avoid recurrence

Recurrence is very common. To avoid it, it is important to know the composition of its calculation in order to be more precise in the measures to be taken.

In the case of a calculation based oncalcium oxalate, we will take care to have a good intestinal flora, to consume enough calcium, magnesium and citrates (citrus fruits and berries). Beware of high-dose vitamin C supplementation. On the other hand, we will reduce food rich in calcium oxalate (cocoa, rhubarb, sorrel, walnuts, spinach, beets, tea, coffee, etc.).

If the calculation is based on calcium phosphatescalcium intake and foods containing phosphates should be limited: dairy products, fish, meats, sodas, processed foods.

In case of calculations ofUric acid, it is advisable to lose weight if you are overweight, to manage your stress well, to favor alkaline foods (vegetables, pumpkins, chestnuts…bicarbonated water) and to limit acidifying foods (excess protein, offal, seafood,…sugar, refined foods…) to bring his urinary pH around 6.8-7. This pH can be measured using test strips purchased from pharmacies.

Physical exercise

Lack of exercise will amplify the loss of bone mass and thus release calcium into the blood, which contributes to the formation of calcium phosphate types. In addition, physical exercise such as moderate walking or jogging has a significant effect on kidney function by stimulating the elimination of waste.

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Food supplements

Help in herbal medicine may be interesting, to be adapted according to the origin of the calculation and the medical history. In general, diuretic plants will be recommended if there is no heart failure or hypotension: hawkweed, nettle, meadowsweet, bearberry, orthosiphon, dandelion, white birch, juniper, etc. Sapwood linden is also interesting in case of uric acidosis to carry out a drainage of the kidneys and the liver.

In micro-nutrition, magnesium or citrate cures can be effective. These cures must be individualized.

Kidney stones can come to speak of aggressive thoughts or feelings that one would have towards people or situations, with sometimes a feeling of having been had or a situation presenting a risk of being ruined. They can also symbolize authoritarian behavior, with harsh thoughts towards others and oneself.

To prevent kidney stones: have good hydration, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, protein and calcium without excess, little salt and practice regular physical activity.

The information and advice contained in this article are given for informational purposes only and can in no way be considered as personalized medical advice. They also cannot replace a consultation or a diagnosis formulated by a doctor or a health professional, only able to evaluate your state of health and to intervene on a symptom.

Anne Peradotto, naturopath
Naturopathic Health Practitioner, graduate of the CENATHO school (Daniel Kieffer, Paris, www.cenatho.fr), certified by the French Federation of Naturopathic Schools (www.lafena.fr), member of the naturopaths of France (OMNES, http ://www.omnes.fr/), continuing education.



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