The best of natural anti-inflammatories: turmeric and omega-3s

Turmeric has many health benefits, including as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Turmeric root is indeed rich in curcuminoids, including curcumin, its main active molecule.

Curcumin helps fight against the formation of inflammatory cytokines by preventing the transfer of the genetic codes of these cytokines from the cell nucleus to the cytoplasm.

Turmeric alone is useless

But to benefit from the benefits of turmeric, a pinch of this spice in a dish is not enough: it is the quantity actually absorbed that matters. Taking a large dose won’t help either, as turmeric is not water soluble.

On the other hand, curcumin has the particularity of being fat-soluble and thus of easily dissolving in oils and fatty substances. To use turmeric powder, there is only one solution, mix it with an oily base.

If the curcumin is coated with fat, it will be able to be absorbed by the blood vessels and cross the blood-brain barrier. Otherwise, the spice is simply not absorbed and ends up being evacuated through natural channels.

Which would be a shame because curcumin is at the center of many scientific studies which indicate that turmeric helps maintain healthy joints, bones and muscles and relieves chronic pain.

To make the most of the virtues of this fabulous spice, the Nutrilys laboratory, which has specialized in seafood products for 25 years, had the idea of ​​creating an innovative product, called “Curcumer™”, and subjected it to clinical tests.

A Turmeric 7 times more absorbed by the body

In a clinical study to determine the bioavailability of Curcumer™ curcuminoids, a patented formulation named BCM-95® was tested on a group of volunteers. Two groups of people were tested. Curcumin combined with piperine (which already provides better bioavailability) was used in the control group.

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BCM-95® was used in the test group. Blood curcumin content was analyzed at periodic intervals. After a two-week evaluation period, the control group and the test group were crossed over: in other words, the control group was administered BCM-95®, and vice versa with the test group.

The results of the study revealed that the relative bioavailability of BCM-95®, used in Curcumer™, was approximately 7 times higher compared to the curcumin-piperine formula. BCM-95® therefore has potential for widespread application for various chronic diseases.

Alaskan fish omega-3s from “certified sustainable” fishing

To optimize the absorption of curcumin, Nutrilys used all its knowledge of seafood products and mixed its extract with a very suitable carrier, wild pacific sockeye salmon oil rich in omega-3, them also anti-inflammatory.

Curcumer™ Salmon Oil is sourced from an environmentally conscious Alaskan fishery that fights overfishing for sustainable ocean development (MSC Sustainable Fisheries). Salmon used for Curcumer™ are not overfished.

To relieve joint pain and more generally chronic inflammation that affects us all due to pollution, junk food, sedentary lifestyle and premature aging, nothing better than the best natural anti-inflammatories.

2 capsules per day provide:
2312 mg of Omega 3 Salmon Oil
1000 mg of Turmeric Extract, including 650 mg of Curcumin
5.6 μg of Astaxanthin

For more information :
8 avenue de Marcel Anthonioz –
CS50081 – 01220 Divonne-Les-Bains
Contacts: 04 50 20 40 22 –
[email protected]


  • Anthony and. para. :A Pilot Cross-Over Study to Evaluate Human Oral Bioavailability of BCM95®: A Novel Bioenhanced Preparation of Curcumin”. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 70(4):445-449; 2008
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