The choice of food supplements in MMA

The choice of food supplements in MMA

MMA is a spectacular sport in every way. It exploits all the physical capacities of the body and mobilizes more energy than any other discipline. With each fight, the physical integrity of the fighter is involved. To be as efficient as possible in the octagon, he must stick to a constant sports and food regime. He must watch his weight, protect himself against injuries, he must prepare physically and mentally, all with one goal: to be stronger, more explosive, more powerful, more vigilant and more enduring.
Physical preparation and diet are key for the MMA fighter. But what about dietary supplements? Why are they essential? What food supplements for MMA?

weight management

MMA is a weight class sport. There are 9 for men and 5 for women. Sometimes athletes change weight classesto fight in a heavier category. Or, if not, decide to fight in a lighter category. Either way, weight is always a big stressor for fighters, who must pass the course of the weighing to be authorized to enter the cage.

Weight gain

Why whey for MMA?

Whey is a light, digestible protein, rich in essential amino acids and with a very high absorption rate.. Its biological value is close to 110, which means that all of the protein is absorbed by the body. This protein is ideal for weight gaining MMA fighters because it can be consumed with great frequencynecessary to promote muscle development.

Concentrate or isolate?

The choice depends on your sensitivity to dairy products. If you are intolerant or allergic to lactose, prefer a whey isolate, filtered and completely delactosed. If, on the other hand, you have no difficulty digesting dairy products, choose a whey concentrate, cheaper and almost identical in terms of nutritional value.

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Weight loss

Although weight loss in the form of sweating is a reassuring form of ritual for fighters, it is better to observe a longer drying phasein order to get on the scale without having to get rid of all your water the previous hours.

fat burners

Lipotropic or thermogenic fat burners are extremely effective tools for people who want to lose pounds quickly. Depending on the amount of weight to be lost, the duration of use may vary. We recommend that you choose a thermogenic burner associated with a lipotropic such as CLA or carnitine and use them at least 3 weeks before the day of the weigh-in. You will be sure to be in weight at least several days before the weigh-in, and even to be able to consider an earlier carbohydrate refill.

The drainers

Useful for getting rid of the few remaining pounds as the weigh-in approaches, diuretic drainers have the advantage to act quickly. They can therefore be taken the day before or even the morning of the weigh-in if you have trouble making the weight.


Casein is a heavy protein that is slow to digest. It is indicated in cases where the sportsman finds it difficult to manage his appetite during his cut. If you suffer from hunger and count the hours between your meals, choose a micellar casein. It is satiating and its appetite suppressant effect can last up to 4-6 hours. In addition, it provides you with all the essential and non-essential amino acids, ideal for stimulating muscle development.

The performance

A fight, a training session, a physical preparation session; in all cases, the MMA fighter must always perform well. Food supplements for performance are probably the most popular with athletes practicing MMA, especially pre-workouts. They contain an interesting quantity of active ingredients which act directly or indirectly on performance.



As a competition approaches, the fighter focuses his work on improving his endurance. Strength endurance, fundamental endurance, and maximum endurance. This specific phase can be optimized with the help of beta-alanine, an amino acid derivative that converts to carnosine once absorbed in the body. Carnosine is a dipeptide that buffers acidity within muscle fibers and therefore dramatically increases endurance capacity. In fact, beta-alanine helps delay the onset of fatigue, reduce muscle burn and promote faster recovery: between rounds and between workouts.

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The power

Power is the expression of force over a period of time. Isometric efforts produced during fights require improved power capabilities, which can be optimized with supplementation in beta-alanine, creatine and caffeine. Caffeine increases energy levels but also reduces the feeling of pain and fatigue. Used in synergy with creatine and beta-alanine, resistance and power efforts are automatically improved.

The pre-workout booster: the all-in-one formula

Each of the supplements listed below can be taken separately. But they can also be found together in workout boosters. Typically, a pre-workout contains:

  • creatine

  • caffeine

  • beta-alanine

  • Arginine

  • Citrulline

Arginine and citrulline, two amino acids that optimize the production of NO (nitric oxide), a gas that dilates the walls of our blood vessels while maintaining low blood pressure. This is a must have for fighters because they have more substrates: oxygen, glucose and amino acids. And, icing on the cake, both have the ability to balance muscle and blood pH thanks to their buffering action on acidity.

Muscle recovery

  • They increase energy levels

  • They stimulate protein synthesis

  • They optimize muscle recovery by stopping catabolism (tissue destruction)

For MMA, the preferred BCAAs will be at a ratio of 2.1.1 or 4.1.1 because they allow you to develop more energy. This is because branched chain amino acids are not metabolized like a normal protein. The body transforms the protein into amino acids during digestion, which are then processed by the liver which is responsible for redistributing them to the body. BCAAs, on the other hand, pass directly from the digestive system to the muscle fibres. This mode of operation allows BCAAs to be used as an energy source, thus sparing glycogen stores.

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We advise you to take BCAAs before and after each training session.

Treatment and prevention of injuries

Shocks, blockages, keys and falls subject the body to very significant physical constraints. Injury management and prevention is therefore a necessity for all fighters.

Omega 3

The reinforcement of the joints

Joint recovery, you know ? In MMA, more than in any other combat sport, the joints are subjected to enormous stress. To strengthen them or to treat an injury, consider care for the joints, which should ideally contain:

These assets act by accelerating the synthesis of collagen in the cartilages, by strengthening the joint capsule and by lubricating the tendons. It is a must for athletes subjected to blows, shocks, blockages and falls, because these food supplements help prevent injuries in addition to alleviating their symptoms and reducing recovery time.

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