The Coué method to improve self-confidence.

Today, many people, especially athletes or hard workers, devote themselves to the Coué method. Some do it unconsciously, but others are aware of it. It must be said that this practice is easily implemented. In addition, it continues to infiltrate personal development programs, including mental development. But how does this technique actually work? Based on autosuggestion, what does it seek to show and produce?

Coué method, what is it?

The Coué method is the manifestation ofSelf Hypnosis, also known as autosuggestion. It helps to show that everyone can have control over their inner strength. It is based on a basic formula relating to a good state and a better self-confidence. In fact, to achieve it, you have to repeat the key phrase “Every day and from every point of view, I am getting better and better”. This method is generally based on two main principles:

  • The thought cluttering the mind turns into true reality and will end in action;
  • Imagination drives a human being to action, not his will. In other words, if a person performs an action, it is thanks to his imagination.

Where does it come from?

This method originated with the pharmacist of the same name, Emile Coué. This specialist made different hypotheses around this technique. He realizes theimportance of imagination and unconsciousness on well-being. It states that strong belief can push to the realization of ideas. He also argues that if you convince yourself that something good is going to happen, it will happen. Thus, he puts forward the Coué method, also called the coueism. His findings and his studies were based on the different experiences of this pharmacist, via his patients or his own experiences.

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What are the benefits of this method?

As the Coué method is based above all on the imagination and on the personal development, one of its greatest benefits is the positive thinking generated. By pushing to think positively, this technique offers many benefits on the body and the mind:

  • It helps you to improve your confidence in yourself and your abilities;
  • It allows you to regain certain abilities;
  • It leads to well-being and even contributes to happiness;
  • It improves your physical health as well as your mental health. Indeed, this method would seem to remedy the psychic disorders or even the organic disorders.

Inspired by good thoughts seems to push you to eliminate negative beliefs and their negative impacts.

How is it practiced?

The Coué method should be applied daily. Generally, you can practice it with a specialist at first. Afterwards, it is possible to do it alone, starting with very simple techniques. To do this, several actions can be performed:

  • Just repeat the key formula, several times a day, looking at yourself in the mirror. You should do this every morning for a few days. By performing this action, positive thoughts will register in your unconscious;
  • When you exercise, you just have to listen to your mantra. The sentence heard must have a positive turn. To be successful, you also need to set specific goals.

Besides, you have different forms ofautosuggestion such as repetition, visualization or autosuggestion by the body.


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